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The Pillar Scholarship for Art recognizes students who envision the arts as foundational to human expression. Art gives form to ideas and feelings, beauty and emotions, and is therapeutic by creating a window to self-discovery, exploring the boundaries and the very depths of one’s being. Students in the Art program form a network of gifted people committed to expressing themselves through various mediums: drawing, painting, ceramics or sculpture. And extension of the Art Minor, the Art Scholarship encourages opportunities for creativity:

  • Participation in Pillars – Art empowers students to enhance and develop creative activities and to raise art awareness across campus. Waldorf Art Pillars Scholars also collaborate with a faculty/staff advisory group, making recommendations on how art is displayed in public areas around campus.
  • Networking for students is available with local art teachers at high school, middle and elementary schools.
  • Pillars – Art scholars coordinate with local teachers to help expand the horizons of young art students by presenting art projects and activities.
  • Personal growth through various self and group driven projects.
  • Off-campus visits to art centers and museums to encourage worldly views.
  • Showcase opportunities at Waldorf’s Annual Seal Awards and Talent’s Show.
  • Pillars scholars create final projects, build websites, and portfolio’s for post-graduate usage.
  • Opportunity to showcase work on campus.

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