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Pillars Scholarship students

Pillars Scholarship

The Pillars Scholarship program is for new residential students with scholastic aspiration seeking living-and-learning environments outside of the classroom. Recipients receive valuable connections to faculty, internship experience, opportunities for research and/or service projects in one of the areas below.

These scholarships provide an affordable opportunity for students to flourish within their academic or leadership programs of interest, while developing valuable social connections through community environments.

Scholarship areas included:

"These areas represent the four pillars of Waldorf University: tradition, passion, community and success. We are pleased to be able to offer the Pillars Scholarship which will make it more affordable for students to participate in these areas that are so central to our mission." — President, Dr. Alsop

  • Benefits

    The Pillars Scholarship program rewards qualified high school students with up to full tuition support for all four years and also includes benefits such as:

    • Internship opportunities.
    • Research opportunities.
    • Connections to faculty.
    • Leadership and service project opportunities.
    • Higher level university advisement by Director of Academic Outreach.
  • Categories – Who can apply?

    *these scholarships cannot be combined with athletics or fine-arts awards.

    • New residential students intending to enroll and seek a four-year degree at Waldorf University.
    • Students who do not plan to receive any Waldorf scholarships for NAIA sanctioned team participation.
    • Students with a solid academic track record and motivation to succeed.
    • Students with demonstrated abilities to impact and influence others in a positive way.
    • Students seeking community centered living-and-learning environments to thrive in.
    • Students looking for connection outside of the classroom setting.
    • Students seeking affordable avenues to fund their education.
  • Application guidelines
    1. Complete free Waldorf Admissions Application
    2. Indicate program of interest on application: Pillars Scholarship Program
    3. Complete the free Pillars Scholarship Application