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Master of Arts in Education
Effective Teacher

The Master of Arts in Education, Effective Teacher program at Waldorf University is designed to help working education professionals bolster their teaching effectiveness, refine their leadership skills and grow their potential in the education field. The goal of an effective teacher is to maximize their students’ engagement, creating a positive and inclusive learning environment while  establishing a culture of continuous education in their classrooms.
Students interested in the Master of Arts in education would pursue careers as community education specialists, lead teachers, and curriculum specialists.
Prefix Number Course Credit Hours
Major Requirements 33
ORG 5000 Personal Leadership Development 3
ORG 5100 Leadership Theory and Practice 3
ORG 6700 Diversity and Inclusion in the Organizational Culture 3
EDU 5100 Personal Leadership Skills and Team Building 3
EDU 5101 Culture of Continuous Improvement in Education 3
EDU 5102 Student-Centered Differentiated Instruction 3
EDU 5400 Instructional Strategies 3
EDU 5500 Becoming a Reflective Practitioner 3
EDU 5700 Digital Strategies for 21st Century Learning 3
EDU 6000 Assessment, Learning and Action Research 3
EDU 6100 Classroom Management for Effective Learning 3
EDU 6900 Ethical Leadership 3
Grand Total:   36

Master's Degree Requirements

  • Completion of 36-credit hour curriculum
  • Minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA
  • Grade of B or higher in all required courses and professional electives.

A bachelor’s degree in education and current occupation as a teacher is strongly recommended as a prerequisite. A state-issued educator certification is not included in this degree program and prospective students are recommended to contact the certifying states regarding the specific requirements in the respective state. Please contact our admissions department if you have any questions concerning the program.

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