Waldorf University believes in the empowering mission of the Mississippi Chamber of Commerce: to Connect, Inform, Advocate, and Develop. Through this partnership, Waldorf can help the chamber in their mission by providing access to affordable, flexible, higher education in a fully online format. 

As a member of the Mississippi Chamber of Commerce, employee of a member, or family of an employee, your education benefits include:

  • A 10% discount off our published tuition rates for our online programs.
  • Access to a Learning Partner Scholarship awarded six times per year. 
  • A guaranteed $15,000 annual scholarship for those who wish to attend on our Residential campus in Forest City Iowa. 

What to expect from Waldorf: 

  • Waldorf's terms are 8 weeks long.
  • Courses do not have any set class times, just assignment submission deadlines. 
  • Textbooks for all online students are paid for by Waldorf, and almost all our resources are eTextbooks.
  • For undergraduate students, full time enrollment is taking two courses simultaneously. For graduate students, full time enrollment is taking one course at a time.
  • There are two "tracks" - A and B. You can only take courses in one track at a time, and your advisor will build out your degree path based on track, but you can change tracks if needed!
  • Each week begins on a Wednesday and ends midnight the following Tuesday. There are typically three assignments each week per course: 
    • Due Saturday by 11:59pm CST - Discussion board post
    • Due Tuesday by 11:59pm CST - Response to a classmate's discussion board post
    • Due Tuesday by 11:59pm CST - The weekly course assignment
  • You can work ahead up to three weeks in each class! 
  • Online students can live stream our Warrior home games on campus in Forest City!