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Traci Francis, Ph.D.

Criminal Justice | Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Public Affairs (2011) – University of Central Florida; Orlando, Florida
M.S. in Criminal Justice (2005) – University of Central Florida; Orlando, Florida
Graduate Certificate in Crime Mapping & Crime Analysis (2005) – University of Central Florida; Orlando, Florida
B.A. in Criminology (2002) – University of Florida; Gainesville, Florida
Dr. Francis joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Waldorf University in August 2015. Prior to coming to Waldorf, Dr. Francis worked in various leadership roles in the non-profit field in East Central Florida since 1995. She has broad knowledge and experience with the criminal courts and various drug court programs. She has worked directly with judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and substance abuse and mental health treatment providers. Dr. Francis is an experienced grant writer and has written several federal, state, and local government grants. She has been a program evaluator for numerous federal grants. She has also provided extensive support to those involved in the criminal justice system at the individual level. These populations include men, women, children, incarcerated inmates, and offenders in community-based corrections programs, the homeless, and individuals with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. She continues to be involved in various program evaluations including, juvenile drug courts, adult drug courts at the pre-and post-plea levels, and family dependency drug courts. Prior to her arrival at Waldorf, she was an adjunct instructor in the Criminal Justice Department at her alma mater.

Dr. Francis moved to Forest City with her wonderful husband, Nick, their beloved dog, Noble, and their cat, Bear. She is still adjusting to the winters and to being an Iowan.

To date, Dr. Francis has published the following peer-reviewed journal articles:
Francis, T. & Reynolds, K.M. (2015). Non-Completing Drug Court Clients: A Qualitative Assessment of Harm Reduction Effects. Journal of Groups in Addiction & Recovery, 10(2), 163–189.
Francis, T. & Abel, E.M. (2013). Redefining Success: A Qualitative Investigation of Outcomes for Non-Completing Drug Court Clients. Journal of Social Service Research, 40(3), 325-338.

Dr. Francis maintains an active research agenda and is excited about furthering the knowledge base in her areas of interest. She is also eager to introduce her research ideas to generalize to appropriate areas of criminal justice reform.

Dr. Francis remains an active member in the two primary professional associations that further research knowledge, and scholarship in the fields of Criminal Justice and Criminology: the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) and the American Society of Criminology (ASC).

Dr. Francis’s research interests include:
    Therapeutic jurisprudence
    Offender reentry and implementing appropriate and effective temporal interventions.
    Substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders appropriate and inclusive program interventions and their effectiveness.
    Harm reduction interventions’ applicability and effectiveness and in drug court programs, felony-diversion programs, and community-based substance abuse treatment settings.
    Effectiveness of the as-treated design’s medical Randomized Control Trial (RCT) method generalized to program non-completers in various treatment modalities with individualized interventions