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Tiffany Olson, M.F.A.

Communications | Professor

M.F.A. in Graphic Design (2006) – Iowa State University
B.A. in Humanities, with a concentration in Fine Arts (1999) – Waldorf College
A Herb Lubalin fan, an International Typographic Style practitioner and a sans serif enthusiast, if you haven’t gathered by now, Tiffany Olson is passionate about graphic design.

Prof. Olson has loved art and design since the day she could hold her first crayon. You could always find her drawing or doodling growing up. As a professional, she continued to carry that passion into the workplace. After graduating with a BA from Waldorf College, Olson worked as a graphic designer for a technology/design firm in North Mankato, Minn. In this position she worked on a wide range of projects that included both print production and web development.

Later, Olson went on to pursue a career in teaching graphic design. She earned her MFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University. While completing her thesis she was hire by Waldorf University.

When it comes to teaching, Olson challenges students to explore every project by looking at the ordinary and making it extraordinary. It is because of these endless possibilities that she hopes to impassion students about design, whether it is actively producing graphic design or critically analyzing the design encountered on a daily basis.

Prof. Olson teaches Graphic Core, Publication Design, History of Graphic Design, Typography and Web Design at Waldorf. She is the advisor of The Torch magazine (the campus student magazine) and recently joined the Communications and Honors faculty in leading a group of Waldorf students in the study abroad program.

In Prof. Olson’s free time you can find her working on freelance design projects, entertaining her two children, camping or kayaking.