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WU Administration

Suzanne Falck-Yi, Ph.D.

English | Professor of English // Director of Honors College

Ph.D. – University of Illinois; Urbana-Champaign
M.A. – Northern Illinois University
B.A. – Eureka College
Dr. Suzanne Falck-Yi serves as Professor of the English department and Director of the Honors College. In the English Department, she teaches a wide array of literature courses, including British and American Literature surveys, English Grammar and several special topics in the nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature, including Hardy and the Brontës; English Literature in the Transition, 1880-1920; Women's Literature; the Romantic Era 1780-1820; and others. Dr. Falck-Yi is the editor of the Oxford World's Classics edition of Thomas Hardy's novel Far from the Madding Crowd, and she is currently producing a critical edition of another Hardy novel, Two on a Tower.

In the Honors College, Dr. Falck-Yi enjoys an active learning approach with the two freshman Honors seminars, leading students through a Reacting to the Past game-format curriculum. If you walk by her classroom during the fall semester, you might hear the men of Athens, Greece arguing about triremes (warships) in 403, BCE, or in the spring, you might encounter the rallying cries of crowds on the streets of Paris during the French Revolution, as her students learn to see the world from perspectives other than their own. She teaches a variety of other Honors courses, too, such as Honors Philosophy and Honors Colloquia, and she enjoys traveling with students on the Honors European Trip every other May.

Dr. Falck-Yi has also traveled many times to South Korea, where her husband, Lee Yi, teaches at Sungkyunkwan University. Their son is a college student.