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Rynele Mardis, Ph.D.

Homeland Security | Adjunct Faculty

Ph.D.​ in ​Public Safety, specialization in Emergency Management – Capella University
M.S. in ​Strategic Intelligence – National Intelligence University
M.A. in ​Business and Organizational Security Management – Webster University
B.S. in ​Criminal Justice – University of Alabama at Birmingham
Certificate in ​Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age – Harvard University
Certificate in Emergency Management Institute's Professional Development Series
Rynele M. Mardis, Ph.D., is an Adjunct Professor with well over 20 years of leadership experience and military service to the nation. Dr. Mardis has an outstanding record of solving complex problems, and leading intelligence and security operations personnel in both tactical to strategic environments. Dr. Mardis holds multiple degrees to include master’s in both Business and Organizational Security Management, a master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence from our nation’s National Intelligence University, a Ph.D. in Public Safety specializing in Emergency Management and a certificate in Cybersecurity from Harvard University.

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy reading, fishing and most of all learning, especially as it relates to new technological trends (e.g., cybersecurity and blockchain technology enthusiast…)