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Rebecca Hill, Ed.D.

Education | Professor of Education/Dept. Chairperson

Ed.D. in Exceptional Student Education – Northcentral University
M.S. in Special Education/Learning Disabilities – Mankato State University
Graduate courses in special education – University of Iowa
B.S. in Elementary Education, Science Concentration – Mankato State University
A.A. – Waldorf College
Dr. Rebecca Hill taught in a K-12 Special Education multicategorical setting before coming to Waldorf in 1991 as the Director of the Learning Disabilities Program. She later advanced to being named as the Academic Achievement Center Director and Academic Support Program Director. She currently serves as an Associate Professor of Education

As a senior faculty member, Professor Hill has served on several college committees during her tenure at Waldorf, including Vision Task Force, Academic Progress, Harrassment, and Rank & Tenure Committees, along with being on several faculty and staff searches and other standing faculty committees. Past leadership positions she held were Chair of the Education Department and Chair of the Social Sciences Division. She is currently Senator from the Education Division and the Praxis site administrator. She, along with Professor Marcia Trygstad, was instrumental in the development and implementation of the B.S. in Education in the fall of 2000.

Dr. Hill currently teaches most of the special education courses at Waldorf, as well as courses in the elementary education major. Her primary areas of research interest include co-teaching, teaching strategies, student transition, and teacher education.

Professor Hill’s professional activities have included: co-author of “A New Approach to Teacher Preparation” in Views and Visions, a publication of the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association of the ELCA; co-presenter of “Character Education: A Community-Wide Approach” at the National Character Education Partnership Conference; presenter of "Empowering the Learning Disabled" at Iowa Developmental Educators Association's annual conference; co-author of the North Iowa Community Schools Special Education Service Delivery Plan; and presenter at several area school and AEA Transition and Parenting Fairs. She is past president of the Iowa Developmental Education Association, served on the Northern Trails Area Education Agency Transition Advisory Board, and on the Post-Secondary Advisory Committee to the Iowa Governor’s Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities. She has kept current in educational programs and trends by participating in the Iowa Core Curriculum Conference, Universal Design for Learning Training, AEA 267 Iowa Core Curriculum Leadership Conference, Students at Risk Leadership Conference, and University of Kansas Learning Strategies training. Dr. Hill is a member of the Iowa Association of Colleges of Teacher Education and the Council for Exceptional Children.

Because of her many service activities, Professor Hill was selected to receive the Waldorf Holmen Community Service Award in 1998 and 2006. She has served on multiple committees at North Iowa Community Schools, is past president of the Iowa Mothers Association and 2004 Iowa Mother of the Year, is a representative of the Western Iowa Synod to the Augustana Lutheran College Association, is a Thrivent Congregational Coordinator, and serves weekly as a Prayerline volunteer for a regional Christian radio station. At Bethany Lutheran Church in Thompson, she has had numerous involvements, including serving on church council, and being selected as chair of the Call Committee. She is also an at-large representative to the Western Iowa Synod Council and is on the Executive Committee of the council.