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WU Administration

Kevin Mason, Ph.D.

History | Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Rural and Environmental History (2020) – Iowa State University M.A. in Organizational Leadership (2016) – Waldorf University
M.A. in History (2013)– Wayland Baptist University
B.S. in Social and Behavioral Sciences (2011) – University of Mary
A.A. (2009)– North Iowa Area Community College
Mason teaches a variety of courses at all undergraduate levels, oversees internship opportunities and facilitates student research. He currently serves on the Higher Learning Commission Assurance Argument writing team for the university, focusing his work on Ethical and Responsible Conduct. He serves on a variety of committees including Academic Progress & Admissions, Micro-Retention, the Pillars Scholarship Leadership Council, Education Program Committee and through new faculty mentoring. He serves as academic advisor for students within the history program, as well as the advisor for the Waldorf University Historical Society.

Mason is a rural and environmental historian by specialization, focused on the American Midwest during the 19th and 20th centuries. His doctoral research focused on environmental change in northern Iowa during the years preceding the Wahpekute Dakota leader Inkpaduta’s attack on the Spirit Lake settlement in 1857. He has also researched rural flight and development of industry in rural spaces.

Although the bulk of his teaching is at the residential campus in Forest City, Iowa, Mason consistently teaches online as well. As a graduate of one of Waldorf’s online programs (M.A., 2016), he enjoys experimenting with how to provide the best possible experience for online students. He also worked in the field of history during his time at the Fort Abraham Lincoln Foundation, as well as through the Preservation Iowa Board of Directors, the Forest City Historic Preservation Commission, the Wright on the Park Board of Directors, and the Winnebago Historical Society. Mason also actively presents research at a variety of conferences with recent appearances at the Northern Great Plains History Conference, the Agricultural History Society, the Missouri Valley History Conference, the Midwestern Historical Association, the Central State Anthropological Society, the State Historical Society of Iowa, and the American Society for Ethnohistory.

Mason serves the Forest City community through his work with the Winnebago Historical Society, the Forest City Puckerbrush Days Celebration and his involvement with Forest City Connect.

Mason, Kevin. “Forced by Nature: Inkpaduta, Resource Scarcity, and the Attack on Spirit Lake 1857.” Annals of Iowa. Forthcoming: Fall 2020. Iowa City, IA: State Historical Society of Iowa.

Mason, Kevin. “Review – Spotted Tail: Warrior and Statesman.” Annals of Iowa. Winter 2020. Iowa City, IA: State Historical Society of Iowa.

Mason, Kevin. "Winnebago and the Flying W(in): How to Build an Iconic Company and Save Rural America." 360 Review: Energy, Agriculture, Finance, Culture & Faith on the Northern Great Plains, Vol. 1, Issue 2 (Summer/Fall 2016). Bismarck, ND: University of Mary, 60-69.