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Jonathan Klauke,, Ph.D.

History | Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in History (2014) – Central Michigan University
M.A. in History (2010) – Central Michigan University
M.Sc. in Historical Studies (2010); with Distinction – University of Strathclyde
B.S. in Physics and Astronomy, minor in History (2004) – Northern Arizona University
Dr. Klauke has been a residential history professor at Waldorf University since 2017 teaching all of the world history classes as well as upper level courses such as History of Science, History of Warfare, History of the Early Church, Anglo-Saxons & Vikings, History of the Middle East, The World Wars and Medieval Europe. His historical interests focus on Medieval Europe, the History of Science and Historical Causation. His research focuses on the development and transmission of scientific knowledge (particularly astronomy, mathematics and navigation) within and between cultures in the medieval and early modern periods, specifically the 'Abbasid Caliphate, the High Middle Ages and Tudor England. He looks for long-term patterns in history and human behavior, incorporating science, philosophy, religion, linguistics and technological advances in his research. In teaching classes, he often incorporates his hobbies of woodworking and metal working, creating medieval armor (chainmail and plate), instruments and tools as well as replica weapons to use in class demonstrations and immersive learning activities. Other hobbies include playing sports (ice hockey), hiking, camping, music (playing guitar) and light-saber battles with his kids.

He began his education in Astrophysics and worked as an engineer for a few years before beginning graduate school in history, studying in Michigan and Scotland. He incorporated his background in science into his historical research and continues to utilize scientific methods and concepts to teach and better understand history. He taught residential and online classes at Central Michigan University and Mid-Michigan Community College before coming to Waldorf. He continues to develop and teach residential and online classes here at Waldorf.