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Elaine Bossard, Ph.D.

Psychology | Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Psychology – University of Iowa
B.S. in Psychology & Sociology – University of Iowa
Elaine's background is in social psychology with an emphasis on how people make decisions. In particular, her research interests center on individual differences and external sources of information, including how information is presented, that can contribute to more successful decision making.

In addition to obtaining a core understanding of psychology, Elaine's main goal for students is for them to appreciate the field as a practical science that can inform them how humans think and behave (both from an intuitive and non-intuitive standpoint) and how to navigate within the social world effectively. She also strives for students to develop as investigators who are capable of asking questions, actively contribute to the understanding of how the world works, and learn communication skills to share their knowledge with scientific and non-scientific audiences in any setting.

In her spare time, she enjoys knitting, spending time outdoors, and attempting to learn a new skill each year.