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Christopher Beiting, D.Phil. (Oxon.)

History | Adjunct Faculty

M.A. in Organizational Leadership (in process) – Waldorf University; Forest City, Iowa.
D.Phil. in Modern History (1997) – Exeter College, The University of Oxford; Oxford, England
M.A. in Medieval Studies (1990) – Western Michigan University; Kalamazoo, Mich.
B.A. in History, minor in English (1986) – Kalamazoo College; Kalamazoo, Mich.
Christopher Beiting attended the University of Oxford as a Richard Weaver Fellow, and the recipient of an Overseas Research Student Award from the British Academy. He has worked, full- or part-time, at over half a dozen institutions, including Waldorf University, the University of Notre Dame, Holy Cross College, St. Mary's University, Western Kentucky University, Ave Maria College and Northwood University. His publications have appeared in journals as varied as the Historical Dictionary of Late Medieval England, the Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization, Logos, The Thomist, New Blackfriars Review, Augustiniana, Franciscan Studies, the Catholic Social Science Review, the Journal of Markets and Morality, Modern Age, New Oxford Review, St. Austin Review and the Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science and Social Policy. He has given lectures at conferences or institutions of higher learning in ten states and three countries, including his alma mater, Oxford University. He is a past or present member of numerous professional organizations, including the American Historical Association, the Medieval Academy of America, the Delta Epsilon Sigma Honors Society and the Society of Catholic Social Scientists. He has served as a grant reviewer for the United States Department of Education on multiple occasions. Currently he serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Winnebago County Historical Society, and is a Contributing Editor for the New Oxford Review. He is married to Sarah Beiting, Director of the Luise V. Hanson Library at Waldorf University. He also does occasional work for the Office of Student Life at Waldorf, and is pursuing a second Master's degree in Waldorf's online program, making him faculty, staff and student at Waldorf University–all at the same time.