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Virtues Campus Course Equivalency

The Virtues Campus was founded in 2014 by the work of those with a vision to reestablish the local church as an educational center of the community. Attending classes locally means students remain a part of their church and community.

Virtues Board of Trustees commissioned the start of two campuses in 2015, teaming up with Waldorf University to offer quality education emphasized with Christian values. Visit for more information.

Waldorf University and Virtues Campus are working together to make the following programs and credits easily transferrable to assist students in their pursuit of a higher education:

CLEP Exams  |  DSST Exams  |  College Plus  |  Crossways International

CLEP Exams (All scores must be 50+ unless noted)

CLEP Information
CLEP Exams Course ECH* Waldorf Online Equivalency  
History & Social Sciences  
American Government 3 POL 1010 American Government  
History of the U.S. I: Early Colonization to 1877 3 HIS 1110 American History I  
History of the U.S. II: 1865 to the Present 3 HIS 2010 American History II  
Human Growth and Development 3 PSY 3150 Developmental Psychology  
Introduction to Educational Psychology 3 Behavioral or Social Science Elective  
Introductory Psychology 3 PSY 1010 General Psychology  
Introductory Sociology 3 SOC 1010 Introduciton to Sociology  
Principles of Macroeconomics 3 ECO 2401 Principles of Macroeconomics  
Principles of Microeconomics 3 ECO 2501 Principles of Microeconomics  
Social Sciences and History 6 Social Science Elective (3) and History Elective (3)  
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648 3 HIS 1200 Medieval World  
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present 3 HIS 1610 Modern World  
Composition & Literature  
American Literature 3 ENG 2000 American Literature I and ENG 2010 American Literature II  
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 3 Humanities Electives  
College Composition 6 ENG 1010 English Composition I and ENG 1020 English Composition II  
College Composition Modular 3 ENG 1010 English Composition I or ENG 1020 English Composition II  
English Literature 3 Humanities Electives  
Humanities 3 Humanities Electives  
Science & Mathematics  
Biology 6 BIO 1030 Principles of Biology and a Natural Science Elective  
Calculus 4 Mathematics Elective  
Chemistry 6 CHM 1030 Chemistry I and a Natural Science Elective  
College Algebra 3 Mathematics Elective  
College Mathematics 3 MTH 1010 General Education Mathematics  
Natural Sciences 6 Natural Science Electives  
Precalculus 3 Mathematics Elecitve  
Financial Accounting 3 BUS 2201 Principles of Accounting  
Information Systems & Computer Applications 3 BUS 3551 Information Systems Management  
Introductory Business Law 3 BUS 3210 Business Law  
Principles of Managment 3 BUS 3602 Principles of Management  
Principles of Marketing 3 BUS 3201 Principles of Marketing  
World Languages (Score of 50+ for 6 credit exams; score of 60+ for 12 credit exams)  
French Language (Levels 1 and 2) 6/12 Humanities Elective  
German Language (Levels 1 and 2) 6/12 Humanities Elective  
Spansih Language (Levels 1 and 2) 6/12 Humanities Elective  

*ECH - equivalent credit hours

DSST Exams (formerly DANTES)

UB - Upper Baccalaureate    B - Baccalaureate
DSST Exam Information
DSST Exams Course ECH* Waldorf Online Equivalency  
History & Social Sciences
Business Ethics and Society (UB) Business Elective
Business Mathematics (B) Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Human Resource Management (B) BUS 3352 Human Resource Management
Introduction to Business (B) BUS 2010 Introduction to Business
Introduction to Computing (B) Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Management Information Systems (B) BUS 3551 Information Systems Management
Money and Banking (UB)** Elective (All Levels)
Organizational Behavior (B) Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Personal Finance (B) Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Principles of Finance (UB) Elective (All Levels)
Principles of Supervision (B) 3 BUS 3651 Leadership
**As of January 1, 2015, the Money and Banking exam was temporarily removed from registration and will return once they complete their revisions, update content and receive new ACE approvals.
Ethics in America (UB) Elective (All Levels)
Introduction to World Religions (UB) 3 REL 2350 Philosophies of World Religions or 1000/2000 Humanities Elective
Principles of Public Speaking (B) 3 SPC 1010 Speech Communications
Fundamentals of College Algebra (B) Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Principles of Statistics (B) 3 MTH 2023 Elementary Statistics
Physical Science
Astronomy (B) 3 Natural Science (1000/2000 Level)
Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet (B) 3 Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Here's to Your Health (B) 3 Elective (All Levels)
Principles of Physical Science (B) 3 PHY 1510 Physical Science
Social Sciences
A History of the Vietnam War (UB) 3 Humanities Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Art of the Western World (B) 3 Humanities Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Criminal Justice (B) 6 Elective (All Levels)
Foundations of Education (B) 3 Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Fundamentals of Counseling (B) 3 Elective (1000/2000 Level)
General Anthropology (B)** 3 Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Human/Cultural Geography (B) 3 Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Introduction to Law Enforcement (UB) 3 CRJ 2001 Theory and Practice of Law Enforcement
Lifespan Developmental Psychology (B) 3 PSY 3150 Developmental Psychology
Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union (UB)** 3 Humanities Elective (All Levels)
Substance Abuse (formerly Drug and Alcohol Abuse) (UB) 3 Elective (All Levels)
The Civil War and Reconstruction (UB) 3 Humanities (All Levels)
**As of January 1, 2015, these exams were temporarily removed from registration and will return once they complete their revisions, update content and receive new ACE approvals.
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity (UB) 3 Elecitve (All Levels)
Technical Writing (B) 3 Elective (1000/2000 Level)

NOTE: As of December 31, 2014, DSST testing centers no longer offer these exams
DSST Tests No Longer Offered
Business Law II Business Elective (All Levels)
Introduction to the Modern Middle East Humanities Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Physical Geology Natural Science Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Principles of Financial Accounting Business Elective (1000/2000 Level)
Western Europe Since 1945 Humanities Elective (1000/2000 Level)

*ECH - equivalent credit hours

College Plus

College Plus Information
College Plus Course ECH* Waldorf Online Equivalency  
Social Justice from a Biblical Perspective 3 Bahavioral and Social Science Elective (1000/2000 Level)  
Comparative Worldviews 3 Humanities (1000/2000 Level)  
Community Service Learning 3 Behavioral and Social Sciences Elective (1000/2000 Level)  

Crossways International

Crossways International Information
Crossways International Course ECH* Waldorf Online Equivalency  
Complete Crossways Program Package
Section 1: From Creation to the Transjordan TBD Religion and Philosophy Elective
Section 2: From the Conquest to the Babylon Exile TBD Religion and Philosophy Elective
Section 3: The Pre-exilic and Exilic Prophets TBD Religion and Philosophy Elective
Section 4: The Postexilic Period and Judaism TBD Religion and Philosophy Elective
Section 5: The Gospels and Acts TBD Religion and Philosophy Elective
Section 6: The Letters and Revelation TBD Religion and Philosophy Elective

TBD - To Be Determined after review by the Department Chair of Religious Studies and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Virtues Campus to forward syllabi data to be reviewed.