Students in the Waldorf Psychology Department have opportunities to design and conduct their own research. The two primary opportunities that all majors are required to take part in are the Advanced Research Methods (PSY 361) and Senior Capstone (PSY 401) courses. In Advanced Research Methods, students apply their basic knowledge of methods, learned in Introduction to Research Methods (PSY 360), by designing, conducting, analyzing, and presenting their own research project. In Senior Capstone, students write a research proposal, allowing them to design a method to answer a research question without being restricted by budget or participant access.

Students have additional research opportunities, which can be particularly important if they are interested in pursuing graduate school. Students may have the opportunity to work with a psychology faculty member to assist him or her in conducting research as part of the Research Practicum (PSY 496). Students can gain vital laboratory experience with this opportunity by helping the faculty member in the creation of stimuli, running of participants, data coding and analysis, and writing up of results. Students also have the opportunity to conduct their own research projects under the guidance of a faculty member through an Independent Study. If interested, students may submit proposals to faculty members to supervise their research in this forum. This opportunity may be of particular interest to honors students who are required to do an honors research project.

Annual Psychology Research Presentations

During Finals Week of the Spring semester, students from Advanced Research Methods and Senior Capstone present posters of the research they have spent the semester working on for the Waldorf Community. A conference-style poster session is held in the Luise V. Hanson Library, and students, faculty, staff, and family members of graduating seniors are invited to see the work of psychology majors.