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Classroom Equipment

Available to Waldorf University faculty, students and staff 

Before requesting media equipment, please check the classroom you are using. Most classrooms are equipped with an overhead and many with TV-VCR-DVD carts. Equipment available for check-out includes non-LCD overhead projectors, TV/VCR/DVD carts, tape/CD players, slide projectors, projector screens, wireless presenters/laser pointers, digital cameras/camcorders, Aver Media document camera and I-Clicker set.

If your classroom does not have the required equipment, you will need to:

  1. First check in and around the area of your classroom. Often media equipment is stored in a department office area or even in a nearby hallway or stairwell.
  2. If you cannot find the needed equipment, contact the library to make a reservation.
In order to accommodate your request, please provide a 24 hour notice at minimum, including your name, class, date and time needed. Reserved equipment (except for TV carts) will be available for you to pick up at the circulation desk. TV carts will be delivered to the specified classroom. Please return all equipment to the circulation desk so that it can be checked in and available for others to use.
In the case of equipment malfunction, contact the library front desk (ext. 8110) and a staff member will try to provide immediate assistance. For LCD projection unit questions or concerns, contact the IT department. If your classroom has the required equipment you need, please check if the equipment is in working order. Common problems include burned out bulbs, disconnected cables, etc. Contact the library if any problems are noticed and staff will attempt to fix the problem or locate a replacement.