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Connect to Waldorf Network

To Log on to the Network:

  1. Make sure the Network cable is plugged in before you begin
  2. Enter your user id in User name replacing the User name “Administrator” (Note: Your designated user id was given to you when you were issued your laptop)
  3. Enter the word password for your password
  4. Under Log on to: Select Waldorf

Change password instructions:
The first time you log on, you will be prompted: Your password has expired and must be changed Select OK.

Create and enter a new password. Note: Passwords must be six characters long. Do not include spaces.

Enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password lines. Select OK. When told Your password has been changed, select OK.

Password Tips: Choose a password that you can remember. Never share your password with anyone!

Any activity associated with your user id and password is your responsibility.

Network Access
Waldorf University provides excellent network access to students with connections in every dorm room, Luise V. Hanson Library, three classrooms and other public access areas, such as The Atrium and the connecting link between Salveson and Thorson. Wireless network access is available in the Campus Center (including Gatsby’s) and the Lund Pond area.