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Campus Print Stations

There are several locations available for network printing across campus. These printers are pre-installed on the laptops. Print jobs can be sent from the student’s dorm room and retrieved later. Students are not charged additional fees for paper supplies or printing. In order to continue to provide this service without fees, we expect all faculty, staff and students to help keep our costs to a minimum by using the Print Preview function before printing, checking the selected printer location before printing to avoid “lost” print jobs, as well as retrieving the document that was printed to the wrong specified location without reprinting to a new location. The locations for network printing access are:

  • Luise V. Hanson Library (VMLibrary)
  • Atrium Computer Lab (Atriumiv)
  • AACE (AaceHP 4100)
  • Thorson Lab-Rm 221 (THORSON4)
  • IT Department (CC4000)
  • Campus Center (Campus Center)