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Medical Insurance Information for the International Student

Waldorf University is extremely interested in making your academic and personal experience meaningful and successful during your time at Waldorf. Your health and wellness are key components of that experience.

All Waldorf University international students are required to carry a health insurance plan during their time at Waldorf. This plan can be obtained through enrollment in a family member's health plan or by purchasing a private health plan. Waldorf Uiversity offers a quality, private insurance policy that can be billed through your student account, Wellfleet.

Enrolling in Wellfleet Insurance:

  • Complete Waldorf's insurance form indicating your choice of Wellfleet
  • Your premium will be billed to your misc. account
  • Contact the Business Office to set up a payment plan
  • You will receive your own insurance card to carry

Using your own health insurance:

  • Complete Waldorf's insurance form indicating your choice to use your own insurance
  • Upload copies of the front and back of your insurance card to your Sportsware Account
  • Points to consider regarding your own health insurance:
    • Does the plan cover illnesses and injury, including intercollegiate sport injuries?
    • Does the plan cover all medical providers: emergency room, clinics, physical therapy, hospital in-patient and out-patient, etc.?
    • Does the plan have a United States claims mailing address? If no, you will need to pay the medical providers and file your own insurance claims for reimbursement.