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Student Medical Insurance Information

2021-22 Health Insurance Requirements for All Full-time Students Enrolled in Waldorf University’s Residential Program

Waldorf University requires all full-time residential students (12 or more credit hours) to be enrolled in and maintain a primary health insurance plan. This plan can be obtained through enrollment in a family member’s employee health plan, purchase of a private health plan, or the health plan offered through Waldorf University, Wellfleet, Inc.

It is up to each student to determine if their insurance plan is accepted at Waldorf’s local medical providers and to determine if their insurance coverage is adequate for them. If a students’ primary insurance denies a claim, for whatever reason, Waldorf’s secondary excess accident plan will also deny the claim leaving larger out-of-pocket expenses for the student. It is important that each student understands his or her health insurance. All medical bills not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the student.

The Wellfleet plan offered by Waldorf is accepted at all area medical providers local to Waldorf and at many locations across the USA through the CIGNA PPO. Please see the Wellfleet flyer for benefit details.

Wellfleet’s benefit information is located at

Following are the options of Wellfleet Insurance offered by Waldorf University:

  • Option 1: Annual coverage Aug. 1, 2021 – July 31, 2022 Premium $2,715
  • Option 2: Spring only coverage Jan. 11, 2022 – July 31, 2022 Premium $1,503

Athletes will not be able to participate in any practices, conditioning, weight training, or games/events until proof of primary health insurance or enrollment into Wellfleet is completed.

Students will maintain updated insurance information and copies of insurance cards through our online portal, (School ID: Waldorf)


Please send any questions to

Understanding your Insurance - Does it have sufficient coverage?

  • Will my insurance plan be accepted at the medical providers in the Forest City, Iowa area including visits to non-emergency or Urgent care facilities? You will need to call the Member Customer Service phone number on the back of your insurance card to ask if your plan is accepted at medical providers within 45 miles from the 50436 zip code. You should also ask if clinic visits, physical therapy visits and special testing (MRI) are covered in this area.
  • What does it mean that my insurance plan is NOT accepted? This means that your insurance will deny your medical claims and not pay anything towards your charges, so you will be responsible for the entire billed amount.
  • How much will I be responsible to pay if my insurance denies a claim? Usually, if a claim is denied by your insurance any negotiated reduced rates for usual and customary is not applied to your charged amount and you will be responsible for the entire billed amount.
  • If my insurance is an HMO, does it have a “Guest Membership” or “Out of Network” for college students?
  • If my insurance is an HMO, can I change it to a PPO so the medical providers around Forest City, Iowa accepts my plan?
  • Does my insurance require preauthorization before my visits?
  • Do I need to get a referral for visits to a medical provider?
  • How will my plan work if I go to a provider Out-of-Network?
  • How does my insurance coverage compare to Wellfleet Insurance offered by Waldorf? Wellfleet plan can be found at

Medical Services in the Waldorf University Area

Medical Clinics

MercyOne – Forest City Clinic

(1.5 miles)


Garner Medical Clinic (Hancock HS)

(15 miles)


Garner Clinic – Iowa Specialty

(15 miles)


Mason City Clinic – specialists

(30 miles)


MercyOne – Switchboard



Mayo Clinic – Lake Mills

(15 miles)


MercyOne – Lake Mills Clinic

(15 miles)


MercyOne – Clear Lake Clinic

(25 miles)



Albert Lea Mayo Medical Center & Hospital

(35 miles)


Hancock County Health Systems (Britt, IA)

(25 miles)


MercyOne - North Iowa Medical Center

(30 miles)


Chiropractic (both in Forest City)

Forest City Chiropractic & Sport Clinic

(walking distance)


Koenen Chiropractic

(walking distance)


Dental Clinics (both in Forest City)

Forest City Family Dentistry

(walking distance)


Wilson Dental

(walking distance)



Family Eye Care

(walking distance)


North Iowa Eye Clinic-Mason City

(28 miles)



Miller Pharmacy – Forest City

(1.5 miles)


Hy-Vee Pharmacy – Forest City

(1 mile)


Walmart, Target, Walgreen, others – Mason City

(30 miles)


Physical Therapy

Athletico – Forest City

(walking distance)


Lake Mills Therapy Center

(14 miles)



North Iowa Community Action – Mason City

(30 miles)


Winnebago County Public Health Services

(walking distance)


2021-22 Full-time Residential Students Supplemental Secondary Excess Accident Insurance

All full-time residential students at Waldorf University are enrolled in a supplemental secondary excess accident insurance plan at no additional cost to the students. This plan is in effect from August 1 through July 31 each year and contingent to students enrolled as a full-time student with Waldorf’s Registrar Office.

Please note that this plan is for accidents and injuries only and does not cover illness. In addition, this plan only pays on medical claims that have been filed to and accepted by the student’s primary insurance. Any denied primary insurance claims would result in this secondary plan also denying the claim.

Students will receive a supplemental insurance card from the Athletic Trainers or Nurse Mary before any medical visits to a provider. This card along with the student’s primary insurance card MUST be presented to all medical providers at check-in.

Plan Benefits:

  1. All accidental supplemental insurance claims will be filed only after primary insurance has been processed and only if the conditions stated below have been satisfied. 
  2. ​The injured student MUST see a licensed provider within 30 days of the incident. If the student fails to comply with this deadline, the supplemental insurance company will deny the claim. 
  3. Claims arising from self-inflicted injuries and/or while the student is under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be covered. 
  4. The plan benefit period is for 52 weeks from the date of injury. Any treatments extending beyond the 52-week period will be the student’s sole responsibility. All arrangements for treatment are to be made before the student graduates or withdraws from Waldorf University. 
  5. There is a $750 reducing deductible per injury/accident on Waldorf’s secondary excess accident plan requiring the student might need to pay out-of-pocket before the plan starts to pay towards a claim. Payments made by a student’s primary health insurance plan may help to satisfy this deductible. 
  6. All injuries must be reported to an Athletic Trainer, Student Health Services representative or the Head Coach during the event/ practice/training or workout session, or immediately thereafter. If the situation is an emergency, the student must notify the Athletic Trainer or Student Health Services within 48 hours of the emergency room visit. Otherwise, expenses incurred will be the sole responsibility of the student. 
  7. All appointments (including second opinions) with physicians, specialists, physical therapists, etc. must be made through Waldorf’s Athletic Trainers or Waldorf’s Student Health Services. Except for emergency cases, authorization for these appointments must be obtained prior to seeing a doctor or hospital. A student is at liberty to depart from this policy and seek unauthorized opinions/treatment, but in doing so, he/she assumes all incidental risks and all expenses for the medical services. 
  8. Medical needs/conditions not resulting from an accident or injury (e.g., asthma, cardiac conditions, skin rashes, strep throat, sinusitis, appendicitis, etc.) are NOT covered under this plan. 
  9. Previous injuries are NOT covered under this plan. Waldorf University is not responsible for any pre-existing injury, condition or surgeries and neither is our supplemental excess accident plan. All costs related to the evaluation, care and treatment of pre-existing conditions are the sole responsibility of the student. 
  10. Dental Care is limited to injury to sound natural teeth and Vision Care is limited to injury to eye(s) resulting from an accident or from an injury that occurred during an authorized intercollegiate athletic event, practice, and workout or training session. Damage to or breakage of glasses/contacts is NOT covered under this plan.

All medical bills not paid by student’s insurance plans is the responsibility of the student and not the responsibility of Waldorf University.


Please send any questions to