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Guidance for Online Students

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Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Students

  • How can I check out of my residence hall?

    Move out/check out dates have been scheduled for the week of May 27-June 3. Check outs are by appointment only between 9 a.m.-4 p.m.. You will need to check in with Nurse Mary in the Campus Center BEFORE you go to your residence hall for a health screening. Once you have been screened by Mary, you will receive a door fob to enter the building; student door cards will not be turned on.

    To schedule your appointment, please contact the Residence Life Office at 641.590.4318 or email Res Life.

  • How will this impact commencement weekend?

    Hello Warriors!

    I trust this email finds you safe and well. Whether you are teaching/working residentially or online, we understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on your abilities to serve our students in their educational journey. We are proud of how you have persisted and persevered during this difficult time.

    We are so very proud of all the hard work our students have put in to get to their graduation day and we are excited to have some dates in sight to celebrate their accomplishments.

    After consideration of the survey results we received regarding commencement, the decision has been made to hold graduation ceremonies Sunday, October 18, during the Waldorf University Homecoming celebrations.

    We will continue to monitor recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and state/local public health officials. We will confirm our graduation plans by September 1, 2020.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience as we move through this decision making process. We can’t wait to celebrate with each of our students as they walk across the stage to receive their diploma. Once again, thank you for your continued dedication to our students and institution!

    Go Warriors!

  • Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) – CARES Act funding for students

    How did Waldorf University distribute the HEERF funds to Waldorf students?

    A portion of the CARES Act allocated a sum of funds to be distributed directly to students. Waldorf University followed the directives per Department of Education (ED) guidelines and distributed a majority of the money equally amongst qualifying individuals. Waldorf University has also set up a separate HEERF fund that allows eligible students in need to apply for additional funding. The initial distribution and need fund combined will spend the total allocation provided to Waldorf University by the ED for students.

    Please contact the financial aid department for further information on the HEERF funds and how Waldorf University distributed funds to students. Please contact financial aid at 641.585.8121 or for additional assistance.

    • Waldorf University signed and returned the certification and agreement form and has used or will use the funds to provide the mandated amount of at least 50% of the emergency financial aid grants to students.
    • Waldorf University received a $248,610.00 authorization under the HEERF student portion.
    • Waldorf University has distributed $203,250.00 within the first 30 days of the distribution.
    • Waldorf University will distribute the additional $45,360.00 by providing students in need with an option to apply for additional funding through HEERF within the 45 days of distribution.
    • 407 students qualified under ED qualifications provided to Waldorf University.
    • Waldorf University provided an even distribution to all qualifying students, minus the additional need request portion. Each qualifying student received a check for either, $250.00 (Part-time students) or $500.00 (full-time students).
  • How will my scholarship and room and board charges be impacted?

    Dear Students,

    I hope you are well, but hearing from many of you, I know you have been going through a lot. From taking on extra work to help with family finances to assisting with sick family members and friends, let alone adjusting to social distancing, new living arrangements, and distance education. I am proud of how you have persevered through these challenges. One of the most frustrating aspects of this situation is dealing with the unknown. At times you have had questions for me that I have been unable to answer. Please know we are constantly working through these complex situations, knowing what is at stake for you as a student. In particular, I know that credit/refund for housing has been of particular concern for many of you. The COVID-19 Response Team has been analyzing our policies and procedures, as well as receiving guidance from the Department of Education on how to best handle federal aid adjustments to student accounts. This has been a lengthy and difficult process due to the unprecedented impact this pandemic has created not only in higher education, but also throughout our country/world.

    The following outlines the adjustments that will be made to your student account if you resided on campus and purchased a Room and/or Board/Residential Meal Plan with Waldorf University for spring 2020 semester:

    Waldorf COVID-19 Credit/Refund Policy:

    Please note we are using credit/refund as the defining action to your account(s) in the situations below since students will experience variation on how their account(s) are impacted based upon their account balance(s).

    • If the adjustment to your account creates a credit balance in both your student and miscellaneous accounts, we will refund that dollar amount to you in the form of a check.
    • If your account has a balance due, and the credit adjustment is not in excess of the balance due on your student and miscellaneous accounts, your account(s) will be credited and you would not receive a refund check. However, it will decrease the balance owed on your account(s).

    SCHOLARSHIPS – We will not be adjusting your scholarships for spring semester. Students will maintain their full award for the spring 2020 semester.

    ROOM – Waldorf will credit/refund 100% of the room charge for students starting on March 22 for those that were not able to return after spring break.

    • Applicable only to students who were on campus after spring break: If you moved out after March 22, we will use your official move-out date to calculate the credit/refund portion.
    • Students that remained on campus through spring 2020 semester will not see a credit/refund issued to their student account(s).

    BOARD/RESIDENTIAL MEAL PLANApplicable only to students who did not return/remain on campus through/after spring break: Waldorf will credit/refund 100% of the 49 days for students who moved off campus March 22.

    • Applicable only to students who were on campus after spring break: If you moved out after March 22, we will use your official move-out date to calculate the prorated credit/refund portion.
    • Students that remained on campus with a residential meal plan through spring semester will receive a 20% credit/refund due to reduced dining options during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    FEES – Every spring 2020 full-time student who has not withdrawn, both on campus & off campus will receive a $50 credit/refund to their student account.

    The account adjustments will be complete by May 25.

    We will mail refund checks to the home address on file if the actions of the credit/refund process result in a credit balance.

    I wish you all well on finals this week. You are all warriors, and I believe each of you have it inside of you to finish the semester out strong! I miss seeing you on campus, but I am looking forward to next fall when we can all be together again!

    President Bob

  • Is a pass/fail option available for residential students for the Spring 2020 semester?

    In light of the COVID-19 events, Waldorf University residential students will have the option to choose between receiving traditional letter grades or receiving a Pass/Fail grade for the Spring 2020 semester. More information on the Pass/Fail policy can be found here. To apply for a grade change, fill out this form.

  • What does the graduation fee cover?

    The graduation fee covers the graduation audit, diploma and diploma cover. There is no fee to attend the commencement ceremony on campus.

  • How are natural science labs being handled?

    Due to individual course requirements, there are variations in how each lab is being handled. Distance-learning labs are being utilized for the majority of Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses. Instructors will provide direction according to circumstances. BIO105 labs will be completed during the Fall 2020 semester for those students currently enrolled in Spring 2020. Your professor will be in contact with you with further details. No additional costs will be incurred for students who began courses in January 2020. Senior Research students are working toward a virtual Inquirere to be held on April 23.

  • How will students complete their internships in the time ahead?

    In preparation for May 2021 graduation, Academic Affairs will now allow advisors to replace internship credit with appropriate online courses, determined by the advisor, for Juniors and Seniors enrolling in Summer 2020 internships. The tuition for these internship replacement courses will be $250 each, which includes the textbook. However, this special tuition rate does not apply to any other courses. Academic departments will also have the authority to reduce and/or adjust the number of internship credits required for these students.

  • If I am remaining on campus, will I still be able to attend in-person classes?

    No. Waldorf University has officially announced all classes will be completed via distance education format for the remainder of Spring 2020 semester. Campus buildings are will remain locked until further notice. Campus dining is still available, as posted.

  • Will my courses have times I am required to attend?

    Please be aware you are expected, as a part of your required course objectives, to attend class just as you have previously been accustomed to, in whatever format your instructor has set up for distance-learning. You will need to work closely with your instructors to build a strong understanding of their expectations regarding meeting times, assignments, tests and so on.

  • What kind of tech support can I get?

    Please visit Waldorf's Student Login for any technical support needed.

  • It looks like my professor hasn't enrolled me in my course. What should I do?

    Email your professor immediately.

  • I have a disability. How will I be accommodated for distance learning?

    Please contact Kristin Wempen at 641.585.8211, Megan Norland at 641.585.8207 or email the AAC for disability services.

  • What academic resources are available?

    Virtual peer-to-peer tutorial services will be available through Zoom. A schedule will be available through Blackboard. Please contact the Academic Achievement Center (AAC) by calling 641.585.8211 or email the AAC. You may contact Director of Retention Renae Littrell at 641.585.8295 or via email for assistance.

    You may also complete a Warrior Care Report?

  • Where is this tutor information located in Blackboard?

    Located in the left menu in each course in Blackboard will be a Tutor link. Tutoring information will also be emailed to students via their Waldorf email accounts.

  • Will there be face-to-face tutoring available?

    We will not provide face-to face tutoring at this time. Virtual peer-to-peer tutoring services will be available through Zoom. A schedule will be available through Blackboard

  • If I’m on campus, are there federal or institutional work study jobs available?

    Yes. Please visit with your current employer on the status of your position. If you are interested in pursuing a work study position, please contact the financial aid office at 641.585.8120 or email,for more information.

  • May I continue to work my work-study hours?

    Yes, work-study duties can be continued both on campus and remotely if your supervisor has work for you to do. Additional information about financial aid and the work-study program will be coming from our Financial Aid office.

  • If I worked work-study hours prior to spring break, how do I submit my timecard?

    Communicate with your supervisor by email the number of hours you have worked. They will review and forward the hours they approve to Melissa Anderson for processing. This email chain will act as approval signatures. Deadline to receive these emails from your supervisor is no later than April 2. Conference & Dining and the CIC desk that use punch clocks will have their hours emailed to them for approval. Expect this email after April 2.

  • How will I receive my work-study check?

    If you have an authorization on file with the Business Office approving the mailing of your work-study check, the check will be mailed on April 10. If you do not have this authorization on file, please email Sara Poppy and she will assist you.

  • Will there be a credit for my Wellfleet health insurance?

    No, Wellfleet student insurance coverage cannot be canceled mid-semester. Your coverage goes with you anywhere within the United States with medical coverage until July 31, 2020. If you need to see a physician for an injury or illness, you can access the In-Network providers at Coventry Health Care. Should you need assistance with a claim during the remainder of the semester, please contact Melissa Cook.

  • Will interest charges continue to be applied?

    At this time, tuition interest charges will not be assessed. Please continue to monitor the Waldorf website for updates.

  • How does this affect my athletic eligibility?

    Please visit, NAIA COVID-19 Updates for official statement on eligibility.

  • Are the residence and dining halls open?

    The University will ensure that we have sufficient residence hall rooms available for students who are currently living on campus and have no safe alternative to leave. If you have questions about housing, please contact the Residence Life Office at 641.585.8160 or email us. Dining services will remain open with limited hours/services for those students that continue living in the residence halls.

  • When can I return to campus to collect my belongings?

    The University meets weekly with local emergency management teams and Winnebago County Public Health. It has been highly recommended that we push back our student return to campus for move out/check out dates to the week of May 27-June 3. These dates may change again depending on the course of the virus. Move out/check out and storage procedures will be sent to your Waldorf email in early May regarding specific times and process.

    In case of emergency situations, please contact the Residence Life Office at 641.585.8160 or email Res Life.

  • I am not planning to return to campus, but I need to collect personal belongings.

    We have scheduled check out dates for May 27-June 3.

    In case of emergency situations, please contact the Residence Life Office at 641.585.8160 or email Res Life.

  • When does the 2020-2021 housing selection process begin?

    This information will be sent to your Waldorf email on Friday, March 27. Check your Waldorf email for all the details. Our process will be completed through email communication to help you sign up for your space.

    Please contact the Residence Life Office at 641.585.8160 or email us if additional information is needed.

  • Are guests allowed in the residence halls?

    No. Waldorf University is currently closed to the public. Only current Waldorf students, faculty and staff with proper Waldorf University identification should be on campus. A statement will be published once Waldorf University reopens to the public.

  • Will the main CIC desk and student mailboxes be open?

    The CIC Information desk will be open each day for general information and mail. Hours will vary each day due to limited staff. Please contact the Residence Life Office at 641.585.8160 or email us for information about available hours.>

  • I am not living on campus during remote instruction, how can I ensure my packages get to me?

    Your packages will be secured in storage waiting for you when you return to check out of your room in May. Please contact the Residence Life Office at 641.585.8160 or email us if any additional information is required.

  • Can my mail be forwarded to me during remote instruction?

    Yes, but we can only forward first class or priority mail. Please email Student Life with your forwarding address. Some United States Postal Service packages can be forwarded to your home address if desired. UPS and Fed Ex packages cannot be forwarded and will be stored until you are able to return to campus to collect them.

  • Will student health services remain open?

    Our health services continue to be available to students. Call before you come. Nurse Mary Mathiasen can be reached by phone at 641.585.8157 or by email. You may also visit Health Services for additional resources.

  • What assistance is available to me to help cope with emotional impact of the COVID-19 outbreak?

    Our counseling services continue to be available to students. Please email Anna Moklestad to set up a telephone counseling appointment. You may also contact student health services at 641.585.8157 or by email.

    The Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC), a national resource for suicide and mental health items, has compiled a list of resources available on mental health and coping during this COVID-19 pandemic. Please use and share as you see appropriate. Thank you and take care of yourself!

  • If I am going home and need to get to the airport, will there be shuttles?

    Please contact Transportation Coordinator Mike Brosenne at 641.585.8728, or by emailfor information regarding current available shuttle services.

  • How does summer housing sign up work and reserving a parking permit for next year?

    Check your Waldorf email regularly for updates regarding fall housing sign up information. We will send additional information about summer housing and fall parking.

  • How do I withdraw from a class for the Spring 2020 semester?

    The last day to withdraw from a semester class is Friday, March 27 by 4:30 p.m. CST. To withdraw from a course, send an email to your academic advisor requesting to be withdrawn from the specific course, include the course number and section, course name and professor/instructor name. Please include the reason for your request to withdraw from the course. The academic advisor will forward the request to the Office of the Registrar with their approval where it will be processed. The Office of the Registrar will respond to both the student and the faculty advisor that the course has been withdrawn for the semester.

  • How do I register for a Summer 2020 semester course?

    To register for a residential Summer 2020 semester course, you will need to contact your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will assist you in completing the “Summer 2019-2020 Registration Form.” If you are wishing to participate in an online course, your advisor will need to verify with the Office of the Registrar if you meet the eligibility requirements for participation. If you do, your academic advisor will assist you in completing the “Residential Online Participation Application.” The academic advisor will forward the request to the Office of the Registrar with their approval where it will be forwarded to the Office of Financial Aid for Summer approval. If approved, the registration will be returned to the Office of the Registrar where it will be processed. The Office of the Registrar will email your registration to you.

  • How do I register for the Fall 2020 Semester?

    No action is required at this time to register for the Fall 2020 semester. Your academic advisor will review your academic progression and your current mid-semester grades. They will generate the best possible registration for you based on your current academic progression. Academic advisors will not schedule music lessons or any extracurricular activities at this time. Academic advisors will submit student registrations regardless of major according to the following grade classification:

    • Seniors will be submitted by April 3
    • Juniors will be submitted by April 8
    • Sophomores will be submitted by April 10
    • Freshmen will be submitted by April 10
    • All registrations should be completed by April 17!

    Your academic advisor will forward the created registration to the Office of the Registrar with their signed approval where it will be processed. Once processed, the Office of the Registrar will email the registration to you. If you have questions or want to make changes, you will contact your academic advisor.

  • I don't see my question and I need to talk to someone...who do I call?
    • Admissions & Financial Aid – – 641.585.8112
    • Registrar – – 641.585.8696
    • Business Office – – 641.585.8135
    • Res. Life – – 641.585.8160
    • Academic Affairs – 641.585.8133 or 641.585.8134
    • Athletics – 641.585.8182 or 641.585.8183
    • I.T. – – 641.585.8155
    • International – – 641.585.8490
    • Dining Services – 641.585.8172
    • Health Services – 641.585.8157
    • Counseling – 641.585.8160
    • Facilities – 641.585.8173
    • After Hours – 641.590.4318