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Mitchell Keeran

Mitchell Keeran

“Hey it’s the Dragon and thanks for keeping it locked in here at KZOW 91.9, active radio.”

Mitch Keeran has sent this line over the airwaves countless times as the station manager of KZOW. His talent and confidence on air makes it hard to believe that Mitch grew up as a shy boy with a stuttering problem.

“[T]hat would be probably the two opposite things needed for a radio career but is something I have obviously overcome,” he said.

Mitch has learned to break out of his shell and take things head on. The Junior communications major and star outfielder on Waldorf’s baseball team manages his stress and workload by always going the extra mile. He is always looking to improve . . . whether producing better content for the radio or even improving his max bench.

Mitch says he loves the Communications department because it is helping him build a portfolio and sharpen his leadership skills. He also appreciates that the small classes are challenging and competitive . . . just like him.

by Lili Flores, Public Relations Practicum student