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Erisha Leann Menon

Erisha Leann Menon

Behind her quiet, calm demeanor lies a driven student with a passion for photography.

Erisha Leann (Leah) Menon says she fell in love with street photography after taking some classes.

“I realized a picture can actually tell so many words.” she said.  While exploring her passion, she won first place and honorable mention in a photography contest, which gave her confidence to expand her interest and enter more contests.

Leah says that her education at Waldorf helps to refine her passion for communications and media. The program has also helped her experience different perspectives. A “Jill of all trades,” Leah is versatile in all the communication fields.

A native of Malaysia, Leah cam to Waldorf as a Warrior Women In Leadership (WWIL) scholar. If she isn’t behind the camera, or in the Digital Arts Lab, she is busy with campus ministries.

Leah follows a variety of photographers on social media and tries to learn new things from any encounter with a photographer.  She advises upcoming photographers to be more aware of their surroundings and to “find the beauty in everything.”

by: Dorothy Eno Lomo-mainoo, Public Relations Practicum student