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You wouldn’t become a chef by studying a cookbook. Nor would you expect to become a communications professional by reading about one. Nope. Your education will feel like an apprenticeship as you work alongside actual filmmakers, journalists, photographers, graphic designers and public relations specialists. Ready for your first day?

David Damm

David Damm, M.A.

Professor of Communications, Program Director Communications - Online

Prior to joining the Waldorf faculty, David Damm spent 13 years in community journalism as a reporter and photographer for the Forest City Summit. He enjoys teaching a diverse set of courses in communications including... more about Professor Damm

Mark Newcom

Mark Newcom, M.A.

Associate Professor, Director of Electronic Media

As a professor and mentor, Prof. Newcom is dedicated to teaching his students practical skills needed to excel in fields related to electronic production, including experiences using the latest technologies.... more about Professor Newcom

Tiffany Olson

Tiffany Olson, M.F.A.

Associate Professor of Communications

An International Typographic Style practitioner, Herb Lubalin fan and a sans serif enthusiast—if you haven’t gathered by now, Tiffany Olson is passionate about graphic design.... more about Professor Olson

Carlos Ruiz

Carlos Ruiz, B.A.

Media Specialist, Adjunct Professor of Communications

An avid lover of all fine art, Carlos considers himself an artist at heart. Whether it’s staring at photographs done by the great Richard Avedon, paintings by Pablo Picasso or studying the films of Stanley Kubrick... more about Professor Ruiz

Heather Yeoman

Heather Yeoman, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Communications and Humanities

Heather Yeoman has served on the Waldorf residential and online faculty since 2009, the year she first joined the college as communications director. She has worked in public relations since... more about Professor Yeoman