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Communications Department Facilities

Can you picture yourself hosting your own radio program, shooting a TV show, editing a film, writing for a newspaper, designing a magazine or planning a special event? “Picture” no more. Your dreams become reality from the first day you set foot on campus. All the latest digital technology becomes your playground to find new heights of creativity. Go ahead – we dare you!

Waldorf University Digital Arts Lab

Digital Arts Lab

Nothing better than a studio full of large screen Macs loaded with the latest creative software. You’ll spend a lot of time in the digital arts lab learning, creating and getting to know your fellow classmates. It’s the best place on campus to have a late-night creative session. You’ll enter a student and emerge a rock star. (cue crowd going wild)

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Edit Suite

At some point, you’ll have to harness all that unbridled creativity. You will love the professional editing suite, where you can trim your feature, add sound effects (bam!), animate your graphics, and best of all – list your credits at the end of your best film ever. That’s a wrap.

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