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Communications Department Facilities

Waldorf's communications facilities are among the top in the nation. Equipment updates are facilitated once every three years with software updated annually. Every student has the opportunity to freely use the newest technology available, making it possible for graduates to begin a career already comfortable with current hardware and software applications.

KZOW, 91.9 FM - Radio Studio

student radio showWaldorf's radio station features Scott Studios, all digital operating system currently holding over 2000 songs with more being added on a weekly basis. This system also keeps KZOW fully operational without the presence of a human operator. The station is fully capable of broadcasting from multiple type of media including CD, cassette tape, and mini-disk.

Waldorf's radio facilities also feature the newest Digidesign Protools audio editing station capable of creating any audio production from advertisements to radio dramas.

KZOW 91.9 FM is a student-managed radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to listeners in a 35-mile broadcast radius. Programming can also be heard via web streaming capabilities. Students interested in joining KZOW have the opportunity to broadcast a live show as well as several other activities. Student staff members are assigned to production groups for music programming, public relations, studio production, and equipment management. Each group is headed by a student director with Professor Mark Newcom serving as advisor.

Previous KZOW shows can be heard on iTunes U.

WAL-TV, Channels 3 & 5 - Television Studio & Master Control

waldorf tv anchorsWaldorf's television studio is fully operational,  hosting several news and specialty show broadcasts which air on Forest City cable channels 3 and 55.

The television studio features professional cameras, lighting, and an intercom system to communicate with producers and directors in master control during broadcasts. The television studio also features a green screen for video effects and one of two Avid digital video editing stations. Waldorf's master control is the nerve center for all television broadcasts. This is where all the finishing touches and decisions are made utilizing professional switching, audio and routing equipment. Master control also holds one of Waldorf's two Avid digital video editing stations.

Students in Broadcast News produce a weekly campus news program. Each week students take turns serving as producer, director, anchor, camera operator, audio technician, floor director, TelePrompter operator and other crew positions. Students may also choose to independently produce television programming. Shows are produced with Professor Mark Newcom serving as advisor.

Previous WAL-TV shows can be viewed on iTunes U.

The Lobbyist - Newspaper

The Lobbyist is a completely online student-run newspaper. Students interested in joining the Lobbyist have the opportunity to write, report, take photographs, edit, investigate, and design the layout of the publication. Each group is led by a student editor with Professor David Damm serving as advisor.

The Torch - Magazine

The Torch is Waldorf University's quarterly magazine. The Torch is student produced under the supervision of Professor Tiffany Olson. The process of creating The Torch takes the entire academic year. Students on The Torch staff are responsible for the publications-layouts, articles, photographs and graphic designs.

Previous editions of The Torch can be downloaded from iTunes U.

computer labDigital Arts Lab

Waldorf's digital arts lab holds 14 Macintosh computers loaded with the newest design, video, and animation software. All computers in the Communications Department are connected to a central server located in the lab which allows the student to easily access and transfer their work to any point in the department. The computers in the multimedia lab are also connected to allow the video and audio on any particular computer to be posted on a large plasma display and central audio system for presentations.