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Career Center Employment Listing:
Song Testing Project

Green Kite Records
St. Charles, MN

Position Duties / Responsibilities


Broadcasting & Journalism Students! Do you want to practice honing in your on-air reporting skills? Green Kite Records is seeking interns to do live video interviews to gain insight into the songs for their band roster. Potential interns must have good communication and interviewing skills.

What Song Testing Entails: 
Reviewing the band’s target demographic with information provided by GKR.
Approaching 15-20 people who fit the target demographic and a few others outside it.
Play the song and video their answers to set questions.
Either edit the videos yourself or send to a GKR videographer to complete it.

Email with your resume and for more information. We also have many other intern opportunities in social media, photography, booking tours, merchandising, public relations, styling, talent scouting and much more.