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Career Center Employment Listing:
Residential Staff

Heartlight Ministries
Hallsville, TX
Full Time

Position Duties / Responsibilities
Heartlight is a residential counseling center and boarding school for struggling teens aged 13 to 18 located on 150 acres in the beautiful piney woods outside of Longview, Texas. Heartlight has been in operation for close to 40 years and maintains its mission--bringing help and hope to parents and teens.
Heartlight hires men and women aged 21 to 30 from across the country to serve as residential staff. Specifically, we are looking for mature Christian adults who can model a godly lifestyle both on and off "the clock," maintain strong relationships, effectively approach and process conflict, and have healthy copying skills for working through issues both internally and externally. Make no mistake, this is NOT an easy calling, but it's one that can make a powerful difference both in the lives of the teens the staff works with, as well as in the residential staff person themselves.
This is a paid position. The total compensation package is approximately $30,000, which includes monthly salary (starting at over $1,300/month), free room & board, paid health and dental insurance. Also, if a residential staff member decides to stay beyond the one-year commitment we ask of our residental staff, that person qualifies to be part of Heartlight's 401(k) retirement program where Heartlight will match up to 4% of what the staff invests.
Residential staff live with two or three other single staff and up to eight teens, who will be under the residential staff's supervision and oversight in a family housing setting. Work schedules are five days on, two days off each week.
Staff are expected to supervise the residents, participate in program events, manage the pharmadeutical and medical needs of the residents, be a positive influence on all around, and maintain a clean living environment for other staff and residents int he home. 
For more specific information about our residential staff position and how to apply go to To learn more about what being part of the residential staff is like from the staff's voice, go to
 If you have further questions, or if a student would like to talk more about our program, contact myself, Greg Stone, at or Ben Weinert, Director of Recruitment and Programs, at 903-668-2173 ext. 120.