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Internships with RipRoar Events

RipRoar Events
Des Moines, IA

Position Duties / Responsibilities
****  If application deadlines have passed, keep looking ahead for future summer internships. Deadlines to apply are typically early March. ****

Welcome To RipRoar

The Next Generation of Triathlon

 By definition, RipRoar is exciting. It's loud, it's engaging, it's 'full of energy and vigor'.

RipRoar represents the moment a child runs across our finish line, full of pride and unleashes their 'wild' on the world. 

RipRoar represents the passion our team has for creating transformative moments for youth by building a stage to let them shine.  

RipRoar is a new generation of youth triathletes: inspiring, challenging, and absolutely awesome.   

We'd like to think we've got the best gig out there. If you'd like to join us, here's your starting line!


What We Do:   

The RipRoar Youth Triathlon Series is one of the premier youth endurance event productions in the country. Based out of Des Moines, Iowa RipRoar produces a summer long series of youth mulitsport events that promote healthy lifestyles and achieving big feats. RipRoar events are known for the energy and passion of the staff, families and children involved. 


How We Do It:

Our approach to events (and work in general) is anything but traditional. We know that the power to move our brand forward lies in cultivating our creativity and inspiring those who stand on our starting lines. We do this by working in an open, relaxed and often sun soaked environment. We value caffeinated creative sessions and a well rounded, tight-knit staff. 


Who You Are: 

You are passionate. You care about and connect with kids. You are easy going but hard working. You know how to solve problems with the tools that you have. You are interested in event creation and production. You are reading this and thinking, ‘ this sounds perfect.’ If that’s you, then we think you’re perfect too. 

For more information, deadlines, or to apply, please visit: