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Career Center Employment Listing:
Internships with Moody Radio

Moody Radio
Chicago, IL

Position Duties / Responsibilities
Thank you for your interest in the 90.1 FM Moody Radio internship program.  This program is designed to provide college students with the opportunity to explore careers in the radio industry —while providing a “real-world” business experience.

We offer four (4) internship sessions yearly, with each session running approximately 13–15 weeks, in accordance with the individual school and its respective semester calendar. Unless otherwise specified, our internship program is designed for college credit only.

Interns are considered trainees and not employees, as specified under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1973. 

1. You must be 18 years of age or older and registered as a college-level student, in good standing at an accredited college, university or broadcast-related school in order to be eligible for an internship with 90.1 FM Moody Radio Chicago (WMBI-FM / CHICAGO).
2. You must receive college, university or broadcast school credit for participating in this program.
The amount of course credit to be earned is determined by your school program and must be verified by an authorized person from your school.
To receive course credit, you must comply with all Moody Radio and school requirements.  Please be fully aware of your school’s internship requirements before applying for the Moody Radio internship program.
3. The Moody Radio promotion and marketing internship requires students to work approximately 10–15 hours per week during the internship period.  The internship generally lasts for a period of 13–15 weeks, depending on the student’s individual school semester calendar. Please see the Internship posting for further information.

You must submit a completed 90.1 FM Moody Radio Chicago Internship Application, along with a cover letter of application and resume (if available) to the address listed below.
Internship Application forms can be obtained online through our website at OR by calling Moody Radio at (312)329-4300.    Mail or Email your completed application and a copy of your resume (if available) to:
90.1 FM Moody Radio Chicago
820 North LaSalle Boulevard,
Chicago, IL 60610
ATTN: Hannah LaMaster-Promotions Coordinator |

Serious consideration cannot commence until we have received your completed application.  Upon initial acceptance into the program, selected students will receive a Moody Bible Institute Indemnification Agreement for completion and return. This Indemnification Agreement must be completed and signed by the applicant AND have appropriate school co-signature. Co-signature must be made by an authorized college/university Internship Coordinator or appropriate faculty advisor. Acceptance into the Moody Radio Chicago internship program must be coordinated through the intern’s educational institution. ***Failure to complete the Indemnification Agreement and obtain the written school verification signature will disqualify you from the program. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications received each semester, internship interviews are not guaranteed to all applicants. In the event you are not chosen for an internship for the semester in which you have applied, you will be required to follow the same process noted above in order to be considered for any subsequent semester.

Check back for openings!