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Career Center Employment Listing:
Internships with Iowa State Patrol

Iowa State Patrol
Des Moines, IA

Position Duties / Responsibilities
As with all law enforcement agencies, the Iowa State Patrol seeks to attract, hire, and retain the best qualified applicants possible.  One of our strategies going forward is to create an Iowa State Patrol Summer Internship Program.  Interns will be exposed to all aspects of the duties of an Iowa State Patrol Trooper, including, but not limited to Tactical Units, Air Wing, Technical Crash Investigations, Crisis Negotiations, Communications, and routine patrol tactics. 

Additionally, those selected for a summer internship with the Iowa State Patrol will be part of a cohort that gathers in Des Moines and receives opportunities over and above those afforded to past ISP interns.  Depending upon the intern’s background and skillset, he or she may be asked to complete a special project that helps move the organization forward. Application deadline is usually March 1st.

To apply, please contact Applicant Coordinator Diane Warwick.  Her email is