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Internships with FAVA

Family Alliance for Veterans of America
Forest City, IA

Position Duties / Responsibilities

What exactly is FAVA?

FAVA provides information, education, advocacy and support to families of veterans and veterans across America at a time of their critical need. Such need arises, for example, when veterans return from combat with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); when veterans and their families need assistance in getting help from the VA; when veterans suffer from addictions to drugs or alcohol; when veterans have encountered the criminal justice system, including incarceration; when veterans have attempted, or committed, suicide; in short, when veterans and their families are suffering in any way from service-related issues and problems. Focused assistance to veterans and especially, their families is FAVA's prime objective.

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Your phone call is very important to us and we make it a priority to get back to you immediately. If you do not get an answer, please leave us a message.

You can call us at (641) 243-4103 or email us at If you decide to write to us, do not forget to tell us where you are located so that we can help better serve your needs.
Family Alliance for Veterans of America
100 N. Clark Street
Forest City, Iowa 50436

FAVA Phone: (641) 243-4103
FAVA Email: