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Career Center Employment Listing:
Green Kite Records Marketing Internship

Green Kite Records
Phoenix, AZ

Position Duties / Responsibilities


Green Kite Records is looking for Interns who are passionate about the music industry. Candidates will get valuable experience working for an independent record label, as well as providing assistance in our busy environment. This is an unpaid Intern position with perks! College credit is available.

A few interns, who prove themselves of value and are dependable, may be brought on as employees as we continue to grow.
Duties will include:

–    Fundraising Projects
–    Produce and manage GKR events
–    Wardrobe Stylist
–    Social Media promotions
–    Tour and Media Booking
–    Providing tour support for developing artists
–    Assisting the sale of merchandise at artist events
–    Merchandising – Creating / Buying
–    Web design and maintenance; graphic design
–    PR and Marketing assistance as needed
–    Photography and Videography
–    Accounting

Ideal candidates must be dependable, creative, self-starters. Be able to think on their feet, communicate extremely well and have initiative to solve problems and climb over obstacles. Candidates must be available minimum 8 hours a week. If you don’t have the time, please don’t apply. Perks to all interns can include backstage passes, free CDs, merchandise, tickets to shows, “swag” bags, accompany the band while touring, paid odd jobs, etc.

If interested, please email us your resume and answer the following questions in your email:

1.    Who are two of your favorite musicians?
2.    What and when are the last two concerts you went to?
3.    What hours/days are you available?

Email resume to: