About this Event

You are all invited to join us in the Recital Hall we explore vocations (callings). Faculty members, coaches, staff members and administrators are going to talk about callings in their lives. This may or may not include what they get paid to do at Waldorf and may include the challenges of balancing different callings. Each week, we are going to get to know someone at Waldorf better and the stories told should inspire all of us to think about the many callings we juggle in our daily lives. 

Make 10:30 Wednesday mornings a break from your usual routine for some rest and renewal to dive back into the remainder  of the week to live out your callings with passion.

Below is a schedule for the semester:
Aug. 24-Professor Kevin Mason
Aug. 31-Coach Will Finley
Sept. 7-Professor Jonathan Klauke
Sept. 14-Coach Nigel Jenkins
Sept. 21-Professor Johanna Hall
Sept. 28-Professor Elaine Bossard
Oct. 5-Vice President of Student Affairs Jason Ramaker
Oct. 12-Human Resources Director Dawn Ramaker
Oct. 19-President Bob Alsop (Homecoming week)
Oct. 26-Professor Steve Smith
Nov. 2-Professor David Greder
Nov. 8-Director of Res Life & 1st Year Experience Sharese Hall


April 17, 2024
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM


Recital hall