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Student Outcomes

Graduation Rates

The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, requires institutions to publish their graduation/completion rates. The information below is provided in accordance with the federal Student Right-to-Know Act.

When reviewing this information, please be aware of the following items:

  • This is the graduation rate required for disclosure and/or reporting purposes under Student Right-to-Know Act.
  • It is calculated as the total number of completers within 150% of normal time divided by the revised adjusted cohort.
  • The "cohort" used as the denominator of this rate is the number of students entering the institution as full-time, first-time, degree/certificate-seeking, undergraduate students in a particular year (cohort).
Graduation Rate for the Cohort entering in: Number of Students in the Cohort Overall Graduation Rate*
2004 193 36%
2005 161 45%
2006 171 43%
2007 141 43%
2008 118 33%
2009 133 31%
2010 202 23%

*This is the graduation rate shown in the College Navigator website. It is the percentage of students who graduated within 150% of normal time to completion.

Retention Rate

A measure of the rate at which students persist in their educational program at an institution, expressed as a percentage. For four-year institutions, this is the percentage of first-time, full-time bachelor's degree seeking undergraduates from the previous fall who are again enrolled in the current fall.

Data Source:
IPEDS Reports
Retention Rate from Fall-to-Fall of: Retention Rate
2010 2009-to-2010 54%
2011 2010-to-2011 37%
2012 2011-to-2012 48%
2013 2012-to-2013 49%
2014 2013-to-2014 54%
2015 2014-to-2015 53%
2016 2015-to-2016 60%

Graduation Career Outcomes

Percentage of graduates with jobs in their chosen field or continuing education within seven months of graduation; formerly known as Placement Rates

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