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Boman Fine Arts Center

Hanson Family Fine Arts Center

Whether you are a citizen of North Iowa, an alumnus/alumna of Waldorf University or the Forest City Community School District (CSD), you know the importance of fine arts in Forest City. Look at a few pieces of our history:

  • The Forest City Marching Band boasts 36 consecutive number one ratings in state competition
  • Waldorf University hosts the second oldest a cappella choir in the nation
  • Our community theater group, BrickStreet, has made a highly successful resurgence

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*Donations will be handled through the Forest City Community Schools. This link will direct you to the FCCS page.

From school performances, Waldorf events, to the various touring acts that have performed in Forest City, there’s good reason for the pride we take in the fine arts.

For those of you who have been in the audience for any of these fabulous performances, you know some of the challenges with our current facilities. We lack space with comfortable seating, proper acoustics and lighting. There are scheduling conflicts for events and practices. Set design and storage spaces are limited. In short, our performance facilities do not come close to matching the quality of the performances.

The Boman Fine Arts Center is another example of the successful partnerships in this community and we  opened the facility in Octobre of 2018.

The Boman Fine Arts Center will be used for college, school and local theater group (BrickStreet) performances. The center will have a significant impact in recruiting Waldorf University students and will enhance learning experiences for students of all ages. We anticipate widespread usage of the facility's banquest hall and catering kitchen for community events, private events, business meetings, receptions, etc. Forest City already has so much to be proud of in terms of community ammenities and this new asset will provide immediate community impact today and for generations to come.

Visit the Boman Fine Arts Center Website.