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Oct 18, 2019
3:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Luise V. Hanson Library

4th Annual Read-a-thon

For the fourth year running, the Louise V. Hanson Library will be hosting Waldorf's annual Read-a-thon, where Waldorf students, staff, and faculty, as well as local community members, sign up to read aloud for 15-minute shifts as part of a 24-hour marathon reading. Readers may choose to bring their own reading material (including their own creative work), or else choose a book from the library stacks. As in previous years, there will be a number of themed reading hours. This year's event will include a Comedy Hour, Poetry Hour, Children's Book Hour, the ever-popular Spooky Hour, and more, including for the first time a "Mystery Box" hour.

For the second year, there will be a "Write-a-thon" running parallel with the Read-a-thon, in which people will take turns over the course of the Read-a-thon adding to a story that will be read in its entirety during the final hour of the event.

The Read-a-thon will take place in the LVH Library Lounge, starting at 3pm on October 18th and running nonstop until 3pm on October 19th. It is free to the public, and anyone can participate by signing up for a time slot on the whiteboard schedule inside the entrance to the library.