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The Leadership Scholarships* are for men and women who are looking to be leaders on campus. Recipients receive valuable personal leadership training from professors and advisors in one of nine different leadership areas, including:

  • Art
  • Campus Ministry
  • Creative Writing
  • Digital Media
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Historia
  • Honors
  • STEM-Biology
  • Service Learning/ Rotaract



The Leadership Scholarship for Art recognizes students who envision the arts as foundational to human expression. Art gives form to ideas and feelings, beauty and emotions, and is therapeutic by creating a window to self-discovery, exploring boundaries and the very depths of one's being. Students in the Art Leadership form a network of gifted people committed to expressing themselves through various mediums: drawing, painting, ceramics or sculpture. An extension of the Art Minor, the Art Scholarship encourages opportunities for creativity:

  • A membership to the Waldorf Art Club empowers students and advisors to enhance and to develop creative activities and to raise art awareness across campus. Waldorf Art members collaborate with a faculty/staff advisory group, making recommendations on how art is displayed in public areas around campus
  • Assist with hanging art exhibits in the university art gallery
  • Participate in planning and setting up the annual Northern Iowa 18-school wide Art and Creative Writing contest held in May and hosted on the Waldorf Univeristy campus
  • Networking for students is available with local art teachers at high school, middle and elementary schools
  • Coordinate with local art teachers to present to younger students art projects and activities, expanding their horizons


Campus Ministry at Waldorf is an active and engaged leadership group that promotes spiritual development for students on campus. Under campus ministry we have a variety of religious emphases including Catholic Mass on campus, Lutheran Campus Ministry events, Like Fire (ecumenical contemporary praise band), The Bridge (Bible Studies and Home Cooked Meals provided by members of First Baptist Church in town) and regular Chapel events on campus every Wednesday open to any spiritual belief. Members of Campus Ministry will have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and service through roles in:

  • Attending fall or spring leadership retreats
  • Serving on spring break mission trips
  • Providing transportation to local churches on Sunday
  • Assisting with all worship on campus through sermon, drama, and music
  • Leading Bible studies, mime or other spiritual events


The Waldorf Writing Organization (WWO) is a place where students can share their creative works with a network of fellow gifted writers. The organization is dedicated to the support of aspiring authors, poets, screen/play writers, and other related artists. Tim Bascom and Kyle Torke, WWO advisors and published authors, are excellent sources of expertise and guidance. As an extension of the English and Creative Writing curricula, the WWO offers tremendous opportunities for leadership and involvement in:

  • Organizing WWO events including an Open Mic event each semester.
  • Serving as publication staff, editors, or contributors with the Waldorf Literary Review
  • Assisting with the annual Northern Iowa High School Writing Contest
  • Interacting with various nationally recognized writers through the Waldorf Distinguished Visiting Writers Series
  • Presenting creative work in conferences and competitions such as the Iowa Streamlines, Undergraduate Writing and Literature Conference, and the Salveson Prize Competition


The digital media co-curriculum organization invites students interested in graphic design, film production, journalism, and radio or television broadcast to go beyond the classroom and get involved in campus communications. This organization fosters and champions the use of digital media in artistic, technical and educational expression. Students will be able to participate in the development of life-long networks that will provide continuing support as they continue their careers in digital media. As an extension of the Digital Media curriculum, this group offers opportunities for leadership and involvement in:

  • Digital Cinema – NIFF
  • Contributing to the North Iowa Film Festival as producer, director, production staff, or event organization staff
  • Designing and developing the Torch, the student magazine on campus
  • Editing and reporting for the Lobbyist, the student online newspaper
  • Contributing to KZOW, the college radio, as manager, director, production staff, sports play by play or DJ
  • Contributing to WALTV, the college public access cable channel, as manager, director, production staff, live stream coordinator, or correspondent/host for programs


Is your dream to be your own boss, or to start up your own company? This scholarship is dedicated to promoting, cultivating and nurturing entrepreneurial spirit among students. As an extension of the business curriculum, students will be provided with supplementary support to achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations and multiple opportunities to demonstrate leadership and creativity in Business through executive roles in:

  • Fundraising efforts for student clubs and organizations
  • Organizing campus events and activities
  • Internships and networking
  • Ethics in their approach to business development and sustainability


Students who believe in the importance of understanding how the past influences the present, or are fascinated by politics and the political process are invited to join the Waldorf University Historia co-curricular organization. All majors are welcome, and encouraged to get involved on and off campus. As an extension of the history and human sciences curriculum, this group offers opportunities for leadership and involvement in:

  • Assisting with organizing and publicizing the annual History Symposium at Waldorf (past topics have included German WWII Prisoners of War, the Civil War, and the U.S. Constitution)
  • Organizing History Club events and providing leadership for Model UN
  • Writing articles or reports on historical or political topics for Waldorf publications
  • Supporting local and regional historical events through volunteer work
  • Actively participating in undergraduate research conferences (have had students present at regional conferences in the past)


Waldorf University established the Honors College in 1988 to provide motivated and inquisitive students a wide range of opportunities to Learn, Live, and Serve. But more than that, the honors college is challenging, rewarding, and fun!

The Waldorf Honors College creates a unique learning environment that promotes trust, risk-taking, independent thinking and intellectual curiosity. The Honors College holds the highest student-satisfaction ranking of all the college services; Graduates of the Honors College comment on how con dent they feel in their thinking and their judgment, which has benefited them both professionally and personally. Students also enjoy the out-of-classroom experiences, which include cultural events, conferences, and study abroad.


Rotaract is the college branch of Rotary International, whose mission of “Service above Self” mirrors Waldorf’s mission of “Learn. Live. Serve.” This organization gives students a way to surround themselves with fellow peers whose mission is the same – to make a difference. The Rotaract co-curricular organization is dedicated to help students design and implement service projects that positively impact themselves, the community and the world. Members of Waldorf University Rotaract will have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and service through roles in:

  • Planning and organizing service projects and other events
  • Networking with other Rotary organizations
  • Working in teams to better the organization, university, and community


Students interested in the study of Biology, and other sciences, are invited to join Waldorf University’s STEM-Biology co-curricular organization. This organization is dedicated to supporting projects that demonstrate an understanding and care for the world and its many forms of life. For some, biology is a fascination, but for many Waldorf students, it has become their career. Members of this group go beyond the classroom to develop research methods and projects that will make a difference in the world we live. Led by Dr. Paul Bartelt, member of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Board for North-central Iowa, among other titles, the Waldorf University STEM-Biology co-curricular organization is sure to keep even the most intelligent and motivated students challenged and curious. As an extension of the Biology, Math and sciences curriculum, this group offers opportunities for leadership and involvement in:

  • Actively participating in the Waldorf Biology Club, organizing trips, fundraising and collaborating projects with student government and college administration
  • Communicating findings and perspectives of the natural sciences to the scienti c community (some have been published in national journals)
  • Assisting biologists and land managers with government agencies (e.g. Iowa DNR, Winnebago County Conservation Board) with land and resource stewardship
  • Assisting local county naturalists present environmental/conservation education programs to school groups, campers, and other groups of local citizens
  • Conducting research (independently or as assistant to faculty from Waldorf Biology, Iowa State University, etc.) on ecology and/or conservation of wildlife and other local resources
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*The Leadership Scholarships cannot be combined with athletic or fine arts awards.
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