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Waldorf University stands among the few colleges and universities have been invited to participate in the U.S. Army GoArmyEd initiative that allows active-duty soldiers to request tuition assistance online. This dynamic online portal automates many of the paper-based processes historically conducted with Army education counselors.

Applying for Army Tuition Assistance:

(From the GoArmyEd website)

  1. Request Army tuition assistance (ATA) through GoArmyEd prior to the course start date or the university's late registration period.
  2. You must request ATA on a course-by-course basis.
  3. You will receive notification from GoArmyEd when your request for ATA has been approved or denied. If you request is denied, GoArmyEd will advise you of the next step you should take.
  4. All dropped courses or withdrawals must take place through GoArmyEd. If you receive an "F" you will be required to repay your ATA. If you are unable to complete a course due to your military duties, you must ensure that you withdraw from the course through GoArmyEd so that you will not be charged.
  5. If you would like to take a course from a school that does not participate in the electronic GoArmyEd course schedule, you must still complete an ATA request. The request will be routed to an Army education counselor/Reserve ESS to be reviewed and approved. You should allow extra time for this process. If your request is approved, you will receive notification via email. You will then need to print the approved ATA request form and provide it to Waldorf. You will enroll directly with the university.
  6. You must submit a new, signed ATA Statement of Understanding each year (SFC and above may sign for themselves and the commander). Your ATA request will not be authorized until the ATA SOU is approved. You will receive a notice from GoArmyEd 90 days before the due date. 
Students with questions should contact a Waldorf representative at