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Air Force Sergeants Association Career Enrichment Center

Air Force Sergeants Association Waldorf is proud to partner with the Air Force Sergeants Association and provide a 50% tuition discount on select courses. This discount is available to AFSA members currently serving in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve.

SPC 1010 – Speech Communications
Presents the basic principles of speechmaking and opportunities for students to develop their own skills

ENG 1010 – English Composition I
Introduction to the basic concepts and requirements of college-level writing.

REL 2350 – Philosophies of World Religions
Provides an introduction to the histories, basic philosophies and characteristic practices of the world’s major religions.

MTH 1010 – General Education Mathematics
Designed primarily for the online student who does not plan to specialize in mathematics or related science.


MTH 2000 – Managerial Math
Overview of topics in finite mathematics together with their applications for the analysis involving real life situations.

Social Sciences
PSY 1010 – General Psychology
This course is an introductory survey of the principles, theories, and methods of psychology as a basis for the understanding of human behavior and mental processes.


SOC 1010 – Introduction to Sociology
In-depth study of the basic concepts of sociology.

All of the above courses are offered at a special rate of $427.50 per course. Textbooks are provided at no cost through the Loan-A-Book program. Waldorf University has also waived the library fee for these courses.

We offer flexible payment options of 2 or 4 payments. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with military tuition assistance.

Registration is now open. Please see the Term Calendar for the next upcoming term.

  • Completed application
  • Must meet admission requirements
  • After enrollment a CCAF web progress report or other post-secondary transcript is acceptable.

AFSA Application/Enrollment Agreement
The enrollment form should be submitted to the Admissions Department by fax at 251.244.0573 or email to

In addition, Waldorf University is pleased to welcome the Air Force Sergeants Association as a member of our learning partner tuition discount program. As a partner, AFSA employees can take advantage of a 10% tuition discount and application fee waiver (a $25 value) through the learning partnership. This discount is also open to the spouses and children of ASFA employees and members. Visit our learning partner page to learn more.