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  • Will the Honors classes add a lot of credits to my course load?

    Since some of the Honors credits overlap with general education requirements, the Honors curriculum takes only about 10-11 of your elective credits spread over your years at Waldorf.

  • Will my honors classes be a lot harder?

    The workload varies from course to course, but, for example, in Honors 106 and 107, you'll do about the same amount of writing as in a standard composition course, though the readings will be more challenging.

  • Will all my classes be honors classes?

    No. In fact, the honors curriculum involves 16-19 credits, most of which replace general education requirements. Your first course in the honors sequence is Honors 106, so be sure to register for that class the first semester of your freshman year.

  • What is the Honors World Trip (European Trip)?

    All honors students who are actively engaged in taking Honors coursework are eligible to travel with us on the Honors European Trip. The three-week trip takes place in May in even-numbered years. As a reward for academic leadership for those who maintain at least a 3.5 GPA and at least a B in their Honors classes, the university will pay a portion of the trip cost. In recent years, the three-week trip has included two weeks in Rome, Florence, Venice and Cinque Terre in Italy, and a week in Paris and London.

  • Who Qualifies for the Honors College?

    Students with at least a 3.5 GPA and/or a 24 ACT receive automatic admittance to the Honors College. However, any student who is intellectually inquisitive and desires an academic challenge is strongly encouraged to apply.

  • What is the purpose of the Honors College?

    The Honors College creates a unique learning environment that promotes trust, risk-taking, independent thinking and intellectual curiosity. To that end, Honors College students take at least one credit of coursework together each semester.

  • Why should I join the Honors College?

    Most students join and remain in the Honors College because they enjoy the uniqueness of the courses and the camaraderie they share with other students. The Honors College holds the highest student-satisfaction ranking of all the college services. Many graduates of the Honors College comment upon how confident they feel in their thinking and their judgments, which has benefited them both professionally and personally. Students also enjoy the out-of-classroom experiences the Honors College presents.

  • What are the out-of-classroom experiences?

    These experiences range from cultural excursions, such as attending a performance at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis; to leisure activities, such as an Honors College dinner at a professor’s house; to intellectual discovery, such as presenting your research findings at an Honors Conference. Oh, and don’t forget the Honors World Trip!