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Become a True Scholar in Your Field

The Waldorf University Honors College offers a unique curriculum for intellectually curious and inquisitive students. Honors College courses at Waldorf are different and challenging, the type of learning where you get you dive headlong into debates and wrestle enthusiastically with new ideas.

You will engage with Rousseau’s The Social Contract by recreating the French revolution in class, become a true scholar in your field by spending a year researching under the mentorship of a professor, challenge your presuppositions about the world in honors philosophy and discover the world first-hand as you travel with your classmates to Italy, France and England. Outside of coursework, you will have opportunities to attend cultural events, present your work at undergraduate research conferences and even travel the world.

As a graduate of the Waldorf Honors College you will be a confident, inquisitive and independent thinker who can communicate ideas effectively and efficiently. These attitudes and abilities are not only highly sought after from employers, but will serve you well as a leader in your community. We encourage you to make the most out of your college experience by joining us. Use this website to discover more opportunities offered by the Waldorf Honors College.