• The American College Health Association (ACHA) now recommends that students consider the meningitis vaccine to reduce their risk of bacterial meningitis. Adverse reactions to meningococcal vaccination are mild and infrequent and include local redness and swelling lasting one to two days at the injection site or mild fever. Please discuss having this vaccination with your health care providers at the time of your college physical examination.

    The vaccination is not available at the Waldorf University Student Health Service office. The Student Health Services can assist you in getting the vaccination at the Mercy Forest City Clinic or at Winnebago Public Health Office.

    College students have a greater risk of meningococcal infection than the general population because of activities that are often a part of college life, such as smoking, being around someone that smokes (passive smoking), going out to bars, drinking alcohol, and living in a residence hall. Your child can be at risk because the infection is easily spread through direct contact with oral secretions. Such contact includes coughing, sharing utensils or kissing. And, of course, even if they live off campus and don't' smoke or drink themselves, all college students are at a greater sick for meningococcal infection because of the close contact they have in classes and activities with other students. Fortunately, this type of meningococcal infection can potentially be prevented with a vaccine.

    If you would like more information on meningitis, please contact the Student Health Services Office or go to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or American College Health Association.

  • We have a one-day flu shot clinic on campus in the fall. If you miss the flu shot clinic, Hy-Vee Pharmacy, Miller Pharmacy or Winnebago Public Health also administers the vaccination in Forest City.

  • Proof of vaccination should be received by August 1 if entering Fall Semester and December 1 if entering Spring semester.

    Please upload your most recent immunization record into Sportware under the immunization tab of your account or upload a copy of your immunization records under the attachment section of your Sportware account.

    Required Immunizations

    1. Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR)–2 doses required
    2. Tetanus/Diphtheria–Booster within the past 10 years & primary series-date completed
    3. Polio (OPV)–Primary series-date completed
    4. Meningococcal–One dose required
    5. Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Assessment –Tuberculin Skin Test required if answer "yes" to any screening question. This is a fillable form to complete in Sportware under attachment tab.

    Recommended but not required:

    1. Hepatitis B–series of three
    2. Hepatitis A–series of two
    3. HPV (Human Papillomavirus)–series of three
    4. Varicella–series of two (if no history of chicken pox disease)
    5. Meningococcal B–series of two
    6. COVID19–one or series of two

    *Students wishing to file an exemption to any or all of the required immunizations must obtain medical exemption from a health care provider.

  • Not routinely, but this can be done if the student requests it and signs a written release of information.

  • Student medical records are strictly protected by HIPAA guidelines. If you student is 18 or older, this means that, without express written permission, we are restricted by law from releasing information about their care to anyone, even parents. You should discuss these regulations with your student and request that they sign consent to release information if they would like you to receive information about their care. See our Notice of Privacy Practices.

  • A letter from a specialist updating us on your student's current condition, treatments, and medications is useful and will be placed in his/her medical record so that any physician in the area that sees your daughter / son will have up-to-date information.

  • We ask that you provide your student with a copy of an insurance card. We will photocopy the card and put it in his/her medical chart to use as needed. View insurance information.

  • The Forest City Ambulance service can transport a student to their choice of an Emergency Room in the area. Options are Mercy One in Mason City, Iowa, Albert Lea Mayo in Albert Lea, Minn., or Hancock County Health Systems in Britt, Iowa.

  • There is not an on-site pharmacy at Waldorf. The students are free to choose from one of the pharmacies in town–Miller Pharmacy or Hy-Vee Pharmacy.