The Master of Business Administration in Marketing at Waldorf University provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in today’s global business climate and integrated value chains. This is accomplished through required core advanced classes in economics, leadership, accounting for managerial decision making, human resource management, financial management, research methods, and management information systems. In addition, courses specific to current marketing management covering strategic marketing, marketing research, new product marketing, business to business marketing, and advanced marketing. This program is intended to prepare marketing professionals for advancement to the executive level by providing the tools necessary to enable them to operate within a large organization or as an independent marketing entity.

This program is available online only.

Master's Degree Requirements

  • Completion of 36-credit hour curriculum
  • Minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA
  • Grade of B or higher in all required courses and professional electives
Prefix Number Course Credit Hours
ORG 5100 Leadership Theory and Practice 3
ACC 5301 Management Applications of Accounting 3
HRM 5200 Human Resource Management 3
MBA 5401 Management Information Systems 3
MBA 5652 Research Methods 3
MBA 6053 Economics for Managers 3
MBA 6081 Corporate Finance 3
Total Major Requirement Credit Hours: 21
Marketing Concentration*
Prefix Number Course Credit Hours
MKT 5500 Strategic Marketing 3
MKT 5600 Marketing Research 3
MKT 5700 New Product Marketing 3
MKT 5800 Business to Business Marketing 3
MKT 5900 Advanced Marketing 3
Total Concentration Credit Hours: 15
Total Credit Hours: 36