For educators seeking to advance their skill set so they can better accommodate the social and emotional needs of a wide variety of diverse learners, Waldorf University’s Social-Emotional (SEL) certificate program is a great option.

This new certificate program is designed to equip professional educators with the skills needed to apply the principles of social-emotional learning within the field of K-12 education. This program helps educators gain the knowledge and skills needed to make subject matter engaging and understandable for students from all backgrounds and with varying learning capabilities.

The Social-Emotional Learning certificate program is a four-course, 12-credit program that prepares educators to identify and support the SEL needs of their students and equips existing educators with the tools needed to become agents of positive transformation both inside and outside of the classroom. This program was designed in partnership with Erin Gruwell, award-winning author and founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation.

This program is available online only.

Certificate Program Requirements

  • Completion of the certificate’s curriculum and credit requirements
  • Students are allowed to transfer in a maximum of 3 credit hours to a certificate program
  • Minimum grade of C for each course

Certificate programs are not eligible for Federal Student Aid.