Fire up your career with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Fire Science Administration from Waldorf University. This program presents a balanced curriculum and contains courses identified by the National Fire Academy, U.S. Fire Administration and the National Fire Protection Association for use in academic settings. Special emphasis is placed on:

  • management and leadership techniques;
  • organizational and professional communications;
  • problem solving;
  • and other programmatic solutions to fire science operational problems.

Waldorf’s Bachelor of Science in fire science administration is recognized by the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Recognition Program (FESHE).

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, a 7 percent growth is expected in firefighting occupations through 2022 with many cities moving away from volunteer fire services.

Estimated time to complete this bachelor’s degree program is four years with full-time enrollment.

This program is available online only.

B.A.S. Degree Requirements

  • Completion of the B.A.S. core curriculum (30 Credits)
  • Completion of the required courses in a major field (30 Credits)
  • Completion of additional courses (including any supported courses required by the major in other departments) to a total of 120 credits depending on the major
  • A grade of C or higher in all coursework in the major and, if applicable, in the concentration(s)
  • 2.00 cumulative grade point average for work completed at Waldorf (Some majors may require a cumulative GPA higher than a 2.00)
  • Minimum of 30 upper-division credit hours

Review the complete list of core requirements for this program.

Prefix Number Course Credit Hours
Major Requirements 30
FSC 3110 Community Risk Reduction for the Fire and Emergency Services 3
FSC 3510 Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Protection 3
FSC 3601 Fire Prevention Organization and Management 3
FSC 4510 Personnel Management for the Fire and Emergency Services 3
FSC 4610 Fire and Emergency Services Administration 3
FSC 4631 Advanced Principles of Fireground Strategies and Tactics 3
FSC 4710 Applications of Fire Research 3
FSC 4753 Terrorism Incident Management and Emergency Procedures 3
BUS 3651 Leadership 3
REL 4035 Life, Meaning, and Vocation 3
Professional Electives* 60
FSC 2010 Introduction to Fire Protection Strategies 3
FSC 3120 Organization and Management of Fire and Emergency Services Training 3
FSC 3210 Fire Dynamics 3
FSC 3302 Fire Investigation and Analysis 3
FSC 3410 Fire Protection Structures and Systems 3
FSC 3440 Building Construction for Fire Protection 3
FSC 3610 Fire Related Human Behavior 3
FSC 4001 Diversity in the Fire Service 1
FSC 4002 Back to Basics: A Refresher of Fire Fighting Strategies for Company Officers 1
FSC 4110 Advanced Principles in Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival 3
FSC 4210 Analytical Approaches to Public Fire Protection 3
FSC 4310 Disaster Planning and Control 3
FSC 4550 Industrial Fire Protection 3
BUS 2201 Principles of Accounting** 3
BUS 3352 Human Resource Management** 3
OSH 4410 Managerial Issues in Hazardous Materials 3
Grand Total: 120

Any Waldorf courses may be selected from the catalog and course schedule to be used as electives, provided that they are not used to satisfy other program requirements. The provided are sample electives.

** BUS 2201 and BUS 3352 are strongly recommended for the B.A.S. in Fire Science Administration.