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Associate in Arts Degree in Business

Waldorf’s A.A. in Business degree allows students to deepen their business knowledge and skills, with an administration focus. Topics include: organizational communication, principles of accounting, principles of marketing, information systems management, and managerial accounting. The administration background provided by this program is applicable to a variety of careers.

Option to Continue Towards a Bachelor’s Degree
For students who may wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the future, the associate degree program is designed to prepare for entry into Waldorf’s bachelor’s degree programs with upper division standing. This A.A. degree program coursework also satisfies the requirements for the B.S. program in Business Administration.

Estimated time to complete the Associate of Arts program is two years with full-time enrollment.

Prefix Number Course Credits
Core Requirements 45
Humanities 9
HUM 1000 Warrior Seminar 3
HUM 1020 Critical Thinking 3
Choose one from the following:
ENG 2000 American Literature I 3
ENG 2010 American Literature II 3
HIS 1100 Ancient World 3
HIS 1110 American History I 3
HIS 1120 American History II 3
HIS 1200 Medieval World 3
HIS 1610 Modern World 3
HIS 1710 Contemporary World 3
SPN 1010 Introduction to Spanish 3
English Composition 6
ENG 1010 English Composition I 3
ENG 1020 English Composition II 3
Fine Arts 3
Choose one from the following:
ART 1301 Art Appreciation 3
ART 1302 Art Appreciation II 3
MUS 1010 Introduction to Music Appreciation 3
SPC 1010 Speech Communications 3
THR 1010 Introduction to Theatre 3
Natural Sciences 3
Choose one from the following:
BIO 1030 Principles of Biology 3
CHM 1030 Chemistry I 3
PHY 1010 Earth Science 3
PHY 1510 Physical Science 3
Mathematics 3
MTH 2023 Elementary Statistics 3
Behavioral and Social Sciences 6
ECO 2401 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
BUS 3602 Principles of Management 3
Religion and Philosophy 3
Choose one from the following:
REL 2050 Contemporary Ethical Issues 3
REL 2350 Philosophies of World Religions 3
General Education Electives* 12

Any Waldorf courses may be selected from the catalog and course schedule to be used as electives, provided that they are not used to satisfy other program requirements.  See the Online Programs Catalog and term schedule for course listings.

*MN residents:  HUM 1000 does not qualify as a General Education or a Humanities course.   All Minnesota residents are advised to select another course in the Humanities distribution.

Program Required Courses 15
BUS 2026 Organizational Communication 3
BUS 2201 Principles of Accounting 3
BUS 3201 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS 3551 Information Systems Management 3
BUS 3620 Managerial Accounting 3
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Program Offered


Program Required Courses
Total Credits: 60