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Core Requirements - Residential Programs

Prefix Number Course Credits
First-Year Seminar/Orientation 1
HUM 110 Freshman Seminar. Successful completion required by all new first-time full-time day students. 1
English/Literature 9
ENG 120 Composition I: College Reading and Writing (ENG / HON 106 may be substituted by students enrolled in the Honors program.) 3
ENG 121 Composition II: Rhetoric and Written Argument (ENG / HON 107 may be substituted by students enrolled in the Honors program.)  3
ENG 250 or any 200 Level or Higher English Literature Course  (ENG / HON 107 may be substituted by students enrolled in the Honors program.) 3
Religion 9-10
REL 103 Introduction Biblical Literature 3
Two additional courses with one at a 300+ level. 6
Humanities 6
PHL 111 Critical Inquiry required for all freshmen. 3
HUM 120 Artistic Impression taken freshman or sophomore year 3
Mathematics 4
Math 101 or higher. Incoming freshmen with an ACT score of less than 17 or less than a 440 on the SAT will be placed in Math 100. 
Science 4
Any laboratory science course (Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, etc.)
Behavioral/Social Science 8-9
One history course required. Two additional courses selected from economics, political science, psychology, or sociology disciplines. Some majors may require/suggest specific courses to meet this requirement
Physical Education 1
2 half-credit aerobic/lifetime activity courses. Credit for varsity athletics does not meet this requirement.
Wellness 1
WEL 101 Concepts of Wellness 1
Global 3
One global course from following:
BUS 340 International Business
EDU 210 Human Relations
ENG 212 Global Literature
ENG/HIS 470 Vietnam
HIS 110 Ancient World
HIS 120 Medieval World
HIS 161  ModernWorld
HIS 171 Contemporary World
HIS 360 Latin America
HIS 440 Modern Germany
MUS 300 World Music
POL 320 Modern Global Issues
REL 206 World Religions
SPN 101-102 Elementary Spanish
SPN 201-202 Intermediate Spanish
SPN 203-204 Intermediate Spanish Conversation
Speech 3
One speech course from following:
BUS 330 Business Communications (Business, Criminal Justice, and Sports Management majors only)
COM 203 Radio (Communications majors only)
EDU 201 Intro to Teaching (Education majors only)
SPE 111 Essentials of Public Speaking
THR 132 Acting I (Theatre majors only)