Waldorf University is pleased to announce that Dr. Bharat Bhattarai, a distinguished Chemistry professor, has been invited to pursue cutting-edge research this summer at Ames National Laboratory. Dr. Bhattarai will collaborate with renowned scientists Dr. Long Qi and Dr. Damien Culver in a research project focused on understanding the intricate mechanisms by which transition metals are embedded in nitrogen-doped carbon surfaces to catalyze the hydrogenolysis of C-O bonds.

This research aligns seamlessly with Dr. Bhattarai's expertise in synthetic chemistry, and the exploration of C-O bond hydrolysis holds significant importance in adding value to renewables and recycled feedstocks. His successful endeavor in securing this summer research opportunity underscores his commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and presents valuable opportunities for Waldorf University's Dean's List students.

Two exceptional junior undergraduate students at Waldorf University, McKenzie Kidd and Devyn Scott, have been selected to join Dr. Bhattarai's research team this summer. McKenzie Kidd, a Psychology major with a double minor in Criminal Justice and Biology and a key player on Waldorf's volleyball team, envisions this research experience as a pathway to enhance her understanding of chemistry, tackle rigorous concepts, and perform novel experiments. She believes this opportunity will prepare her mentally and physically for a successful career as an anesthesiologist assistant, aligning with her post-graduation aspirations.

Devyn Scott, another volleyball player on Waldorf’s Volleyball team and a member of the Alpha Chi honor society, Psychology major and Biology minor, plans to attend medical school to pursue a career in Psychiatry. Devyn eagerly accepted the opportunity to join Dr. Bhattarai's research team, aiming to gain insights into the research process, collaborate with peers in a laboratory setting, and build her knowledge and experience in preparation for her future endeavors in Psychiatry.

Waldorf University is proud to provide students with unique opportunities for hands-on research and professional development. Dr. Bharat Bhattarai's leadership in this groundbreaking research at Ames National Laboratory exemplifies Waldorf's dedication to fostering academic excellence and preparing students for successful careers in their chosen fields.