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An Engaging Community of Learning and Faith

Our Mission

Waldorf University seeks to be an engaging community of learning and faith where relationships are formed and opportunities for learning and service abound. Our mission is to educate the whole person emphasizing integrity and equipping students to succeed and to serve the communities where they live and work.


Waldorf University faculty are dedicated to the goals and tenets of liberal arts education. The development of an appreciation of “a life of the mind” ought to begin in the home and school, be further nurtured at Waldorf, continue in studies at Waldorf, and become a lifelong process. Whether as future business leaders, teachers, professors, scientists, entrepreneurs, ordained clergy, psychologists or musicians—it is hoped that Waldorf graduates will aspire to lives of service. The “core” of the liberal arts program has as its goals that students:

  • Learn to think, write and speak clearly;
  • Begin the process of developing a mature and inquiring mind, with the ability to formulate questions, solve problems and make both intellectual and value judgments;
  • Engage in and appreciate the arts;
  • Acquire understanding of our historical and scientific heritage;
  • Begin to develop an appreciation of other cultures and their ways of knowing;
  • And consider their religious commitments for their meaning in life and the world in which they live and serve.


As a liberal arts university with core values
Waldorf offers a curriculum to liberate the way students think so that they may develop a basic understanding and knowledge of how those in a variety of disciplines think and approach life. As a liberal arts university, Waldorf seeks to instill values of service, community, critical inquiry, and lifelong learning in each student and in the very culture of the college community. These values and this education prepare our graduates to understand and contribute to life in our complex and ever-changing world.

As a residential university
Waldorf offers a carefully designed student life program, as well as extensive co-curricular, cultural and community service activities designed to create a campus atmosphere conducive to a well-rounded educational experience. We value high academic achievement, personal growth, the building of lasting friendships and a growing awareness of community responsibility.

As an online university
Waldorf offers a broad range of quality online academic programs delivered in an innovative, flexible format while providing a positive experience that impacts the lives of students.

As a community that values religious faith
Waldorf seeks to explore the meaning and depth that religion and spirituality can add to life. The questions religion poses for the living of life and the unique perspective Christianity can give to the living of life are explored with academic rigor. Students are encouraged to develop a deep respect for the role religious devotion can play in giving direction, purpose and a moral foundation to life.

As a university engaged with the world
Waldorf seeks to bring the world to our community by enrolling a significant number of international students. Waldorf actively encourages all students to experience the world through multi-discipline opportunities for travel and study abroad.

As a university born of a strong academic heritage
Waldorf has upheld the Lutheran tradition of excellence in higher education since the college was founded in 1903. This tradition values service to the community, academic excellence, freedom of inquiry, a liberating education, and learning through the exchange of ideas in open conversation.