Breen Hall - Named after Clarence and Elroy Breen, this 102-bed residence hall was opened in 1998.

Columbia House - The Columbia House is named for Waldorf’s sister school, Columbia Southern University.

Immanuel House - The Immanuel Theme House is named for Immanuel Lutheran Church.

Tanner Hall - Established in the fall of 1961, Tanner Hall was named after Jacob Tanner, a renowned religion professor. When it originally opened, it housed 72 men.

Johnson-London Hall - Dedicated in September 1968, this building is named after O.J. Johnson and Hans K. London. Johnson—a math and physics professor—and London—a Waldorf employee of 34 years—were dedicated Warriors and great friends.

Lux House - The Lux House was inspired by “Lux et Veritas” on the Waldorf seal, meaning “light and truth.”

Olson House - The Olson Theme House is named after donors Nancy and Steve Olson.

Ormseth Hall - Established in the fall of 1966, Ormseth Hall was named after long-time instructor and bookstore manager, Gladys Ormseth. When it opened, the hall was an all-girls dormitory, housing 96 girls and an apartment for a head resident.

Rasmusson Hall - Opened in September 1955, Rasmusson Hall is named as a tribute to long-time director of the college food service Tillie Rasmusson.

Timberland Apartments - Established in 2006, Timberland Apartments were named for Timberland Builders, who partnered with Waldorf to provide apartment-style housing for juniors and seniors.

Veritas House - The Veritas House was inspired by “Lux et Veritas” on the Waldorf seal, meaning “light and truth.”

Warrior House - The Warrior House was named in honor of Waldorf’s mascot “Warrick the Warrior.”